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Need Advice for Socializing a Kitten

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Hi Everyone. I need some advice for socializing my 7mo old kitten. We got her from a shelter about 3 months ago, and she was reasonably friendly with all the staff and visitors. She did not shy away from people, and she never ran to hide when someone approached her cage. Since the time that we brought her home, we've been pretty much the only people she comes in contact with. I think I may have messed up here.

She is a bit skittish around any loud noises, i.e. vacuum cleaner, diswasher, car backfiring outside.... but overall she is very loving. She sits in our laps, and generally follows me around the house. I work from home, so I am with her all day.

Last week, a repair man came to the house, and she FREAKED OUT!!!! A few days after that, a neighbor came by, and it was the same freak out all over again. She ran and hid in her bathroom. I felt so bad, but she calmed down as soon as they left the house.

What is the best way to get her used to people? I just moved to this city, so I don't really know anyone well enough to have them over my house. Is there any such thing as a kitty play group? Should I take her out in her carrier and have her interact with strangers in a park? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!
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You did not mess up at all. The loud noises you described will upset any normal cat. Being only a kitten, he will hide from anything that seem threatening to him. He is in a new place, he depends on you for care and protection, and he is alone. All these things he never experienced in the shelter.
Right now, it is best not to force him to be "friendly". Once he gets used to the new place, he may or may not come out of his shell. You can help by relaxing when strangers come visit. He may pick up on your feelings and imitate them.
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So long as she's friendly with you I wouldn't worry too much. You might want to make her feel more secure by shutting her away in a bedroom so she doesn't freak out and get stressed by visitors.
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