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meowing in the early morning

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i have to put my kitties out of the bedroom at night because i don't get any sleep if they are in there with me. my siamese will sleep on me and not allow me to move unless i wake up first to squeeze out from under her and my dsh will wake me up during the night as many times as he pleases for cuddles. i am also very allergic to cats so when frodo wakes me up he puts his nose on my face and i will get hives where his nose touches and then i get a runny nose and sneeze for about a 1/2 hour! (while i am awake i cuddle my kitties tons but at least then i am awake and can avoid the nose on my face and i don't mind sneezing when i am not trying to sleep!) i put them out of the room and i make sure that they have plenty of warm and cuddly beds and kiss them good night. but they always wake us up in the morning by meowing. blue is a siamese so you all know how loud they can be and frodo seems to have been taking lessons from her because he gets this awful moaning meow that is so loud! they usually wait on the weekdays to meow after the alarm goes off, but sometimes they will start around 5:30. this morning, saturday, we tried to sleep in until about 8:30 but blue started meowing at 6:10. that is even earlier than we get up on the weekdays. they get fed 2 times a day, 12 hours apart, usually 7:30. this morning i was so tired that i just got up and fed them then. i know that this is probably not the best idea because that would reinforce the meowing. please help me! i live in an apt in a house and i am sure that the owners of the house do not want to hear my kitties meowing so early in the morning! i usually ignore the meowing so they will eventually stop. but that means i am awake in bed for at least a 1/2 hour. i also never open the door when someone is meowing so now frodo stops meowing as soon as he hears me move, but if i don't open the door he will start again in about a minute.

does anyone have any tips to help stop them from doing this? i know that in the spring time the kitties get up earlier and earlier because the sun comes up then but now it is dark until about 7:30. i really can't let them in the bedroom, even if i manage to make it through the night and get some sleep, blue will get up about a 1/2 hour before the alarm (how annoying is that??) and start picking at things in the bedroom. she will walk across things and knock things over, and her favourite thing to do is smack paper (like the cover of a book that is sort of sticking up) with her paw, smack smack smack smack over and over fast.

any advice would be greatly appreciated. oh, they are used to this sleeping arrangement, they have been sleeping out of the bedroom for years now, and always meowing...
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Cats cannot tell the difference between weekdays and weekends and they do not care about alarm clocks either. There are a lot of cats with precise internal clocks that will wake us up exactly at a certain time. But other cats more or less rely on "approximate" times. I think yours are the latter.
If the meowing is the only problem - wear ear plugs.
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This is our bedtime routine, up to an hour of play with DaBird, laser pointer, feather teasers then they get dinner and we all go to bed.

They sleep through the night, and I'm the one waking them up on weekdays

Now, during the day they are absolute nutters on the go the entire day. I play with them 3 times a day and also they get some outside time to run off energy.
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For one, closing them out of your room while you sleep is a definite instigator. I completely understand your allergies, I myself suffer from pollen allergies and work with plants! There are many medications available to control allergy symptoms, especially those you have described.
On another note, your not alone with loosing 10-30 minutes of sleep attempting to ignore your fur baby so they will stop trying to wake you up! Maia is a repeat offender of this behavior! Though I have to admit, she is usually very delicate, walking over me, sniffing my face and tickling with her whiskers, running around profusely, or even digging in her litter with remarkable diligence, sometimes not even using it! I find calling her over and giving her some much needed love and "simmer down now" attention, works! Although the first and most important reaction is to completely ignore.............this includes movement, change in breathing, any sign of consciousness!
In the most part this is one of the experiences that comes with having a kitty or 2, and personally i would rather be woken up by Maia's whiskers and silly behavior then any thing else!
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thank you for the advice.

unfortunately, there are not really any meds that will help with my allergies. i have tried them all and the only one that does do something also gives me nose bleeds. i figures that i can manage the allergies since i don't know what kind of damage is being done from the steroids in my nose!

i can't have the cats in the bed with me also because i do not get sleep. i literally cannot move with blue in the bed with me. i have to wake up to move and that doesn't always happen then i wake up not being able to walk because i have been in the same position for a few hours. i usually end up dreaming about the pain in my hips or back before i wake up and realize the cat has me in a very uncomfortable position. and frodo waking me up every hour or so also is not good for my state of mind. there is a certain amount of sleep that people need to survive and i don't seem to get that when they are in there with me. it is funny because they don't bother my husband at all, he sleeps the whole night through while i am smothered in cats.

don't get me wrong though. i love my kitties very much. i cuddle them lots and lots during the day. i think that i will have to have some long play sessions at night though. that sounds like it will be the plan for now on. thank you for that suggestion. they were actually super good this morning and i didn't hear a peep from them until i got up this morning. i think it has something to do with all the sun coming in the windows. they were basking in it and forgot that they HAD to wake mommy up!
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