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Meowing, litter box use and appetite

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So, Clive who is 15 and possibly has intestinal cancer or IBD is now meowing a lot more. It has been since he was discharged from the hospital about 2 wks ago.

At first, it was early in the morning about 4 - 7 and when I got up he'd escort me to his food bowl. Or he'd want petting. I figured he was scared.
Now he is doing this is the daytime and sometimes after he uses the litter box. But, even after I check him after the box he still wants more food.

He also wants to play in the hallway (I started getting him exercise out there) and will meow to go out there too.

I end up sleeping on the couch the rest of the morning to keep him company (he does not want to stay in my bedroom anymore). He does stop meowing.

He is on prednisolone ( 5mg 1X day in AM) so he appetite is huge, he wants to eat or have a snack every couple of hours. Or everytime I walk into the kitchen. He is more or less lethargic excpet when he eats or goes in the hall or wakes me up in the morning.

Oh and the litter box, he has soft stools and now keeps going back in and then covers up his deposit, sometimes 2 -3 times in a row. He is drinking a lot of water. I am not sure if he is having a problem.

I don't know if I have spoiled him, or if his condition is worsening or if I am being over cautious. I find that I feel panicky at night when I hear him.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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Constant meowing, diarrhea, signs of insecurity, inactive most of the day - I would say it definitely not the result of you spoiling him.
Having a senior cat myself, I know how you must be feeling. Don't be ashamed of calling your vet for any small problem. Your Clive needs more special care and attention at this stage of his life.
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Coco was doing that and she was sick.
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Thank you for the response... I was thinking that as well. Clive has an appointment on Friday, but I will certainly bring him back sooner if need be. He is quiter today. Eating, drinking water, stools soft though. He is moving slower but getting around - he loves going in the hall and is using the stairs. But, I fear his illness is cancer and progressing fast.
And Duke is coming around him a lot more than usual. He smells is mouth and bottom.(They coexist, not really buddies) and Clive lets him when in the past he would move away.
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