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Hi Im a newbie

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My name is Crystal. I'm 14 years old. Well almost.
I have 2 furbaby kitties. and 3 dogs that belong to my brother and sisters and another kitten which belongs to my sister.

My kitties names are ; Princess cutie AKA Princey, Murarer (by the meowing noises she makes lol), Princey Q.. thats about it.. oh and "vulnerable" also lol (shes in heat alot lol but we think she pregnant now.. she escaped the house for a few days.. could have given me a heart attack at 14 years of age lol) Shes Black, yellow, Orange. With a Gorgueos face! and her nose is whitish yellow and black its soo cute! ( domestic kitty , used to be a stray that I took in a year ago.. she turned a year old in feburary.)

And I adopted another kitty whom will be a year old May 12th! (were having a b-day party) Her name is Sassy Aka Sissy-kins, Sasquash, meiko (from her meows sounds like a very high pitched person saying "Me".. lol ). Shes an adorable kitty. Shes dark grey and white and she has a pink nose and is the cutiest thing! She is also domestic. She really is a miracle kitty. When she was 3-4 months old she got injured REALLY badly from a neighbors dog. ( we had to watch their puppy) We didnt see this incident but I knew something was wrong with her, she was hiding under the beds and crying/hissing when anybody touched her. She didnt look injured, so we thought she was just acting jealous or something of her fur-sister. So we let it go till morning ( I stayed up all night for her ). I noticed her breathing was very faint and she was very pale. So my mom saw her and she was in shock she was in that much distress. So we rushed her to the vet, and she had to be on oxygen for 2 hours. they couldn't find a vein so they had to make an incision in her wrist/paw. They had to do surgery on her remove half of her liver because it was damaged so badly. I am just so glad she is alive. The vet told me her cat was killed by an incident quite the same as what my cat went through.

I love my furbabys!!
Well Thats all about this newbie!
Ty for reading!
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Welcome to TCS!!!!
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Welcome to the site!

Oh, I hope your kitty isn't pregnant. It is kitten season and there are so many babies right now. Is there any way to talk to your parents about getting her spayed? There are links to low cost spay/neuter programs in the Feral Colonies forum, or click here The spay/neuter info is at the bottom of the post.

OK, public service announcement over.

Hope you have a wonderful time here, and I hope to get to know you better on the boards!
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Welcome Crystal
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Hi Crystal! It's nice to meet you and your furbabies!
Just a word of warning....This place is rather addicting!
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Hey Crystal
I'm 13 also Glad you joined ... Sam
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How precious your precious babies are!

i have a 13 year old niece that i simply adore!! i got my user ID, "GurlPower" from her.... i love my Alexandria so much!!"

Sweetness and smiles!
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Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm sure I'll be here everyday lol
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Hi Crystal, I'm Jan. Welcome aboard!!! I'm new too.

We'll be talkin to ya!!!

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Welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you!
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Hi Crystal, welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy your time here... it does get rather addicting!
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Hi! And welcome to you and your little furbabies!
I'm pretty new here too, and have found SO many good ideas and tips about caring for my kitties here! I know you will like it here, so much!
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Welcome to TSC Crystal!!
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HI and Welcome!!!
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Welcome Crystal!
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