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I was going to post this in the health forum, but this is more of a discussion on oppinion. I have had quite a few people come in to the vet latley talking about FELV. Lot's of people are not testing their outdoor cats for the disease. They are also not vaccinating because they are not always outdoors. I have been very upset because what they fail to realize is that if the cat has or does contract the disease they are putting other cats at risk. I think that cats who are outdoors should be vaccinated and those who have the disease should be kept as indoor only cats. I know quite a few people who only adopt FELV positive cats and they all live indoors together. I would like to know what others think of this kind of situation.
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I think maybe not enough cat owners are aware of FeLv and of the vaccine. We're moving to the country next month and my two cats will have access to the great outdoors (I know it's risky but it's a relatively safe place - well, I guess that's an issue for a whole new thread! I think I might start one in the care forum).

Back to FeLV, I asked our vets to give them any shots that may be needed. He gave them their annual boosters (which were due anyway) and a rabies shot. He never mentioned FeLV. Now that you brought it up, I'll call him and ask him for that as well. Thanks!
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What exactly is FELV? I have never heard of it before...and Sandie, I do understand your concern...thanks for bringing it up so more people can be aware of it.
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It it the feline leukemia virus. It is the equvalent of human aids. It is transmitted in the same way and is no cure for the disease. This is why I get so upset when people don't vaccinate outdoor kitties and let the ones with the disease out. It is a very important message for people who don't know.
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Hi all: Last I heard the FeLv shots are only 50% effective anyways. Anne mentioned that her cats were not vaccinated for it. Is it a risk in your part of the world - some Countries do not have rabies. Just a thought. Anyways about FeLv - maybe the floks coming in not getting FeLv - does the vet know your kitty goes outdoors? None of my cats have the vaccination - never have done it - as a past breeder my cats never went out - and I never brought in studs. Not something I vaccinate against either. Linda
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Well, the felv vaccine is supposed to be more than 50% effective. It is FIP that isnt effective and usually causes the virus. I personally ask all clients if their cats go outdoors. I think most vets should start bringing the subject up. I beleive it is everywhere not just the US. As I said before, it is something for new cat owners to consider.
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