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Wow, Vacuum!!!!

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Update to Suicidal Vaccum (ancient!)

Old, nasty vacuum is outside retired

Wonderful, New Dyson DC-07 is inside as of Thursday

We live in a very small place right now with two kitties. I had to empty it twice! My goodness, the filth that is in your carpet (or maybe just mine ) I took a pic of the gross stuff it sucked up (mostly fur and dust looks like) but you can use your imagination.

It is wonderful Found it on for only 150$ refurbished. And, so easy to put together! No screws or any such stuff.
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So glad that you like the Dyson!

When you have a good vacuum that actually picks stuff up, it makes cleaning so much easier!
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Sounds great! Let the cleaning fest begin!
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Congratulations! I prefer the Orek. So easy to take up and down the stairs.
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ya a dyson makes all of us look like we never cleaned
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Wow, what a great deal! I would love to have a Dyson! My current vacuum sucks (pun intended, because it DOESN'T) and I hate it. I feel like it barely gets anything clean.

Maybe I can shop around and find something good too! Congrats on your new vacuum!
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
ya a dyson makes all of us look like we never cleaned
Haha! This is SOOOO true.

Hubby and I bought a Dyson Animal with our wedding gift certs.

HOLY COW! Where did the hair come from!!!!! I even posted a thread here about my expirience lol. I will have to dig it up and link you all to it. It was a pretty funny thread.

Still, on a weekly basis, we have to empty the thing way more than you think you should by looking at the room pre-vacuum. Ugh!!

Honestly, I think the Dyson has a hair making mechanism in it somewhere just so you THINK you have that much hair and NEED the Dyson. It's all a marketing ploy, but I am sold. LOL

I know they can be super expensive, but they are worth EVERY penny. To the Orek owner? That is what I have had for years. Yes my Dyson weighs SOOO much more than the Orek, but I don't care anymore! LOL

I thought the Orek was doing it's job. It wasn't. My mom is a die hard Orek fan too, I drug the dyson over to her house when we moved to Houston, and vacuumed right behind her Orek. She was disgusted.

They do have lightweight Dysons. Its a thought?
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Yes, and a good tip: dont vacuum with a Dyson for the first time with friends over. Will all the dirt that will come up they will think you are a pig-style-slob!

They do make light weight Dyson's, however I dont think mine is really that bad. If you are used to a lighter one it might take some adjusting to, but the hose can reach all the way up a staircase!!! You wont be carrying around much.

My grams is a Oreck lover too, maybe I will bring it over and disgust her
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Originally Posted by Meowers View Post
My goodness, the filth that is in your carpet (or maybe just mine )
That's why we opted for no carpeting in our new home.
On the other hand, carpeting hides all those cat hairs that are so visible on hardwood floors!
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