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Good Morning..Sundays DT

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Guess I will start it for the first time if that is ok with everyone...
I am going to have to get my house spotless today..when I am worried or anxious about something, I clean clean clean...it seems to relieve the stress for me...but overall..I will not be going anywhere..maybe take the kids to the park later or ssomething, but that's it....Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!
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Going to see my daughter today in Florida! Its her birthday! She is 19 today, I havent seen her in about 7 weeks, thats the longest I havent seen her. She lives with some friends there and has a really good job for someone her age and is happy, but I do miss her. Got lots of goodies and a chocolate birthday cake for her, so that should make her birthday a happy one!
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Bill and I are going down to see Mark, Sam and the babies, today. We need to do our weekly shopping, too.

I WILL remember to take the camera!
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still haven't touched the chemistry homework that I vowed to tackle in Friday's DT and yesterday's DT. Posting in the DTs just proves how much of a procrastinator I am. Does anyone want to do 245 chemistry questions about moles and covalent and ionic bonding?

I think I might go for a walk and look at the bulletin boards around town to see if anybody needs any odd jobs done. I need some money...

Have to go grocery shopping... Squawk only has a couple more days worth of bird seed left, and I'm craving some Bits & Bites. (I need them for study food while I do that assignment, hehe.)
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I'm off to work. woohoo.
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
I'm off to work. woohoo.
Have a good day at work!!!!!
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Good Morning! It's 11:15...and I just got outta bed!
Last night, I had a good time out on the town! A bunch of friends threw a bachlorette party for one of my co-workers...it was a blast! Thankfully, I knew my limits and I'm feeling ok today. Just a bit pooped out.
I'm going to watch the NASCAR race and relax today...heck I'll probably even take a nap this afternoon!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!
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Once again I will be cleaning...is it ever actually clean??????
This morning I took Lady Colby for a ride, she was more interested in her donut hole to enjoy the ride, whenever I get a coffee they give her some, and I'll give her a few but not all, this morning she must have been hungry because she could have cared less about the open windows calling.
Maybe I'll cook,too. I've been doing Easter leftovers and I think a week is enough, plus who knows if it's still good?

Hope everyone and a splendid Sunday, whether at home, doing chores/errons, or working!!!!!!!!!1
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