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My cat chews EVERYTHING HELP!!!

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I have had it!!

I love my little furballs but they ATE my CONDUCTING BATON!!!

I walked into my orchestra practice and pulled out my baton to begin.
(I keep it in a plastic carrying case so the cats won't eat it since they ate my cheap plastic $7 baton and my current wood one cost me ALOT more) That is when I noticed...the case was CHEWED through and the TIP of my baton was at a 90% angle with Tuffs of fur sticking out and teeth marks. My orchestra seeing this started to laugh as they though it was hysterically funny! ( I have to admit i thought it was funny too until I realized I have to go out and buy YET another baton)

The odd thing is...the baton was in its case in my orchestra bag the whole time so my cats must have gotten into my orchestra bag somehow.

THEN I started to notice the cats chewing EVERYTHING they can get their teeth on...the phone, pillows, the rug...etc. Why are my cats chewing everything? they are both too old to be teething (one is 3 1/2 and the other is going to be 2 in Dec) Any reasons? And more importantly how can I get them to stop?
Its not like they don't have food I always leave a bowl of dry food out for them AND they have plenty of toy mice they they shred and leave all over the What am I going to do? Any ideas or advice? Its getting expensive to have to keep on replacing my batons!
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Hmmm.... I'm not a cat behaviorist, but perhaps they're bored or stressed out. Has anything changed significantly in their environment that you can associate with this behavior? You could try using something like bitter apple - a cat-averse treatment - for things you wish to save from chewing.

I would also talk to your vet about it just in case it may possibly be health or diet related.

Good luck!

(I would love to see a pic of that chewed up baton. It really is quite funny!)
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OK that did give me a laugh, but that is not a good thing for you or the little land sharks. I don't know if its acceptable, but can cats have rawhide chew toys? Since they seem to love the baton, I am thinking a diversion of a stick rawhide chew could focus them on that instead.
ETA: I remember someone posting here about using drinking straws as chew toys, sorry I do not remember who that was.
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1. call your vet to rule out health and diet related things.
2. I predict mega play sessions in your future
3. invest in toys they can chew on.
4. hide EVERYTHING they can chew on. All my stuff is behind locked, LOCKED doors because they know how to open them. It's a pain in the butt but it's peace of mind because cats who chew on stuff is never funny. I'm always worried about blockaged and poisoning. Be careful!
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Thank you for your replies!!!

I just showed my friend (who loves cats) my chewed up baton and even he was impressed! his response...woah!!

hehe. I took your advice and got moo (the big culprit) and Tilly some new toys. So far it seems to be working ALSO I did change their food a few weeks ago so what my fiance did was mix some of the old flavor into the new flavor dry food and again that seems to work as well. But the thing is moo needs to be on the new food. (I switched him from regular food to a Uriniary Tract mantince formula since he is prone to getting Uriniart Tract Infections. And my vet told me to switch)

anyway I hope this helps....right now my two furrballs are chasing each other around the apartment. Maybe they can tire each other out!
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We need to see a pic of the chewed up baton! And also to the person that called them land sharks!
Hopefully more playtime will help, they sound mischievous. What about putting treats in places around your house for them to find when they are home alone? Also, what about one of those balls that you put treats in and when the cat plays with the ball the treats gradually fall out? Chew time and play time!
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I have cats that like to chew too. I believe I lost at least 3 hands free sets to them before I gave up buying them. I have acutally bought dog chew toys for the one that loves to chew the most. the ones he loves are made by Petstages & they are a see though blue plastic they call Orka. He has destroyed many kitty kongs, that's when I realized he needed a dog toy.
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My cat chews and destroys paper when she is bored. My solution was to make sure all money, mail, other important documents are not easily within reach and buy another cat tree that is very big and put kitty tunnels at the bottom of it and snake them around and put toys hanging on the cat tree. She has two cat trees, but the big one she uses all the time and loves more than anything, she has loads of toys which I rotate to keep interesting, and I play with her every night to burn off energy with da bird or a laser light, at first I played with her an hour, now it doesn't have to be that long. And I put boxes behind the couches for her to play with too, she loves to play in boxes. They have laser light toys you don't have to there to operate. She is an adult cat, like yours, but has a lot of energy. I can't imagine double trouble Hope you can get kitty tornados under control
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Warning for hiding treats around house--make sure said cat is not following you!

I tried to hide treats before going out of town and sneaky Jack was 15 feet behind me the whole time eating the treats one by one as I attempted to hide them.

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
Warning for hiding treats around house--make sure said cat is not following you!

I tried to hide treats before going out of town and sneaky Jack was 15 feet behind me the whole time eating the treats one by one as I attempted to hide them.

I don't mean to laugh at you, but I can totally see me doing this! Sounds to me like Jack is a smart cat. It reminds me of something my Jordan would do.
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My cat chews and eats everything she can get ahold of including food from the trash and plastic. I got this bitter apple stuff that is used to stop cats from licking and biting themselves. I put it in a spray bottle with some water and spray my garbage, plants, and anything else I don't want her messing with. So far its worked pretty well, she REALLY hates the taste. Good luck
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It's funny but at the same time, it's not.

Cats love plastic, there is a pheromone in it that attracts them. That's why so many cats love to lay on plastic bags, roll around in them, etc.

My Samson loves chewing and playing with plastic drinking straws. Rascal loves to chew on plastic bag handles, and cardboard, so that's pretty easy to keep away from him.

Playing with them definitely helps to get rid of some of that excess energy

I love the idea of the rawhide chewies!
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how old is the kitty??
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