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What is everyone's time zone?

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It is 6:41 in the morning here, I have been up since 5:30 but when I post, it shows on the boards that the time is only 12:30 p.m......??
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Central here.
My time now is 6:47.
I customed my time so its on Gmt -6 hours
And its the exact same time as my clock. hth
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OK, I fixed said I was in the London time..GT or something..don't know I got that fixed like that but oh's fixed now though..thanks!
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My time zone is CDT, and right now it's about 7 a.m.

Kathy, sometimes my posts show the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) too, and then they will show my own time zone later on.
Maybe this is automatic???????
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EST, it's 9:15 AM.
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MST - 6:56 a.m.
post #9 of 18's 11:29 here!
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Doing that EST thing! We had a TERRIBLE time adjusting to Pacific in Vegas. We went to bed by 7pm THEIR time our first night out there!
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I'm on the west coast! It's 9:50am here.
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G'day! In Western Australia, we're 12-15 hours ahead of the USA.
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Central European Time - that's one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, and six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. It's currently 7:19 p.m. here.
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Eastern Standard Time. It's 1:46 PM here now.
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I belive we're two hours ahead of GMT, so it's almost midnight here...
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San Francisco, California - Pacific Standard time.

Did you mention UK? i would love to be in London now........ !!
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i think i'm est...i'm in NJ
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