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Our new Dryer broke already!!!

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The dial will not move and it will not put heat out.
They can not come until Tues to fix it.
We only used it about 12 times.
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I would be ticked

Had a similar situation happen to us. We had just bought a new oven. I used it maybe a dozen times, then decided to put the clean cycle on (it was getting toward summer and I didn't want to clean it then). Well, the oven quit working after the clean cycle. It wouldn't come on at all.

The repairman (I'm not going to name the company) came out to fix it. It needed a part (I think the computer control on the front shorted out). It took this company almost 3 MONTHS to get us the part! Thankfully- it was summer, and just too hot to use the oven anyhow, so I used the grill for everything.

At least I didn't have to pay for it, it was under warranty.
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I am glad your oven is fixed.
This has a warranty we got it the end of July.
This company I bought the dryer I have heard bad things about also.
You can pm the company to me.
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Is this a Bay Area TCS thing? Meowers has a vacuum that died. I have a new dishwasher that lost it's memory, literally, the chip inside is not thinking straight.

Now you with your dryer. We really need to have another Bay Area get together real soon before all of our appliances fall apart.
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They sure don't make things to last.
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Did you try to google the problem??

Try or for some tips. These are the sites I used to repair my washer by myself.
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I feel your pain!!!!!! Mine just broke today!! It puts out heat but won't turn!!!!!! I can't afford this right now
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Seems we all are having bad luck with appliances.
My Dad has a Dyson and he can not get a belt for it.
The repair man is coming Monday.
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