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I might as well hide for the rest of the day.

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First thing that happened when I got to school was I spilled piping hot tea all down my pants and managed to burn my left hand. Then, when I was coming home, I managed to drop yet another cup of hot burning tea all over my jeans, burning my RIGHT hand. Thankfully there is still some snow hanging around so I cooled my poor hands off, then went to the pet store to see some really cute kittens they had for adoption.

The kittens were very playful and one decided it would be fun to rip apart my index finger. So I now have a deep scratch on my finger. So in the petstore I bought a siamese fighting fish. On the way home from the pet store, just as I was walking up the driveway, I dropped the bag he was in. He's fine, but a little freaked out.

It gets worse, I got locked out of the house because, silly me, I forgot my key. So I sit on the front step twiddling my thumbs, waiting for someone to get home. Meanwhile, I'm feeling this utterly creepy sensation under my jeans, and I feel it. I'm thinking, okay it must be a clod of dirt. So when I flick it out, guess what comes out but a huge yellow WASP. I think it was just trying to find a warm spot to spend the winter, but please not in my jeans!!!! I got a stick and gently moved it to the garden in hopes that no one else got this wasp in their clothes. Thankfully it didn't sting me!

I sat down, but forgetting that I had my poor betta perched on the steps, I sat on the bag, popping it. The poor fish had only enough water to be wet in, and the rest spilled all over my notebooks, JOY!

Finally, my dad got home with our brand new car, and right now I need chocolate or something, and hide so that my luck doesn't get any worse
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Aww hun, sorry you had such a bad day....but I'm glad to hear you are ok now.

May tomorrow bring better luck for you
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Aww! It sounds like you, your betta AND that wasp had a pretty rough day if you think about it!

At least you are in good company.

Here's to your day finishing wonderfuly!

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I hate days like that. Glad you all made it out ok... you deserve to hide out the rest of the day if you want. I would too.
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Oh my gosh, that poor fish -- being dropped, and then the cold, and then getting sat on... I guess you're saying he did not survive?
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Oh ... I'm so sorry. You certainly deserve lots and lots of chocolate! It's the weekend, sleep in.
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