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Is she playing me?

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Okay, I have a new question. Yesterday I wrote with concern about my newly spayed 10-month-old feral kitten acting weird since her spaying surgery Tuesday. She is eating the canned food when I bring it to her, and she is using her litter box with some regularity. She's not throwing up. But she is hiding in the room where I have her confined (issues w/other cats). She doesn't come out to see me when I come in, only if I'm feeding her. She's only been with us for a month, but before I had her spayed, she always came out to see me when I came in the room. We would play a little (I don't think she had a lot of time to learn how to play while trying to stay alive outside), I'd brush her, we'd spend time together. I was her favorite person; my kids she just tolerates, but won't interact with much.

I don't think she has an infection. I'm beginning to think she's fine, just extremely stressed out about her operation (feeling abandoned just after she began to trust a human perhaps?). When she does come out of hiding, she seems to always be licking her gums, like she's just eaten, but she hasn't just eaten. Is this a stress thing? Has anyone had experience with the licking? She's not licking her fur, or her body, just her lips. I'm wondering if she is so angry with me for doing this to her that she is purposely ignoring me now. Late last night I peeked in the room while it was dark and she was out of hiding. It was like I caught her - she actually looked guilty. Are cats this smart, that they can figure out how to "get us back"? If anyone has had this experience, please let me know.
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I have learned that with ferals it can be one step forward and three steps backward. If this has been just a month that you have had her then it may be that she has taken those three steps backward. It seems that they learn to trust you and be near you then something happens, be it small thing or large, and suddenly you have to start all over. The spay surgery was necessary and she may need time to get back to where she was.

As long as there are no health problems and she is eating and drinking, can you start back at the beginning and do things like spend time in her room reading and ignoring her? Keep her on a scheduled time to feed and sit with her. Leave a dirty shirt or piece of your clothing under her food bowl.

There are more tips that others might have. Hope things get better soon.
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My first cat was a stray (not feral but not friendly). She hid for at least 48 hours after she was spayed, and I was frantic, but when I phoned, the vet told me that was normal. So long as yours is eating and drinking, my suggestion is to let her hide as long as she wants. I'm not sure about the licking--you might check with your vet about that.
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I also have a former feral, I have had her for about 2 years. I trapped her and took her to the vet immediately and then brought her home. If I didn't see her food bowl empty and the litter box used, I would have never known there was a cat in the room. I used to get up around 4:00 a.m. and sneak a peak in her room( a sunroom connected to a gameroom) just to see her. She would be sitting on a table looking out the window and hide the minute she saw me. I kept trying everything I could think of and then one day I just decided to let her come to me on her terms. Patience paid off and now she would let me pet her all day long. If you have a radio you can play talk radio so she will become accustomed to voices and better yet there are some great harp CDs that are very helpful and theraputic for animals. I am sure she will come around, it just takes time. Good luck.
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