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Got kitten and other cat won't eat.

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Rocket is a year and a half, and last week we got a kitten (10 weeks old), Chowder. We were so happy when they became friends within the day! However, the last couple days, Rocket won't eat at all. We keep their food separate, however Chowder keeps trying to eat Rocket's food. We keep him away the best we can. Today I tried putting Chowder in a different room. I put new food in a new bowl. Rocket smelled it, but still would not eat. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Please call your vet and tell them how long it's been since Rocket has eaten, as well as if he's changed any other habits (drinking, peeing/pooing). Take him in if vet says so - cats not eating for a period of days can have serious effects.

Then I'd probably go get all-meat baby food (no garlic or onion in it) because many cats just love that, or whatever special food you think Rocket might like (chicken, Friskies, something nice and smelly, probably). Does Rocket like Chowder's kitten food? At this point, I'd probably let Rocket eat anything he wanted to - you just want to get him eating.

Also, I'm sure you've been giving Rocket lots of attention (as hard as it is not to play with a new kitten all the time), and keep telling Rocket you love him, he's first in your heart, and that the new kitten is his kitten, and that Rocket is still number 1. I know it might sound silly, but keep telling him how much you love him. But please do run this by the vet, just in case, and good luck!
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I would call the vet he may be getting sick.
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Sounds like he's sick to me. Please call your vet.
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Very good advice so far

I have a cat and kitten also. If you can afford to feed a good All Life Stage food, it might help. My cats will not eat seperately, so now we feed Innova's EVO dry food. They just have to eat each others food, together, everytime I also feed a wet all life stage food.

my vet always says that as long as they are eating, it will be ok. Buy a few different treats. Have you tried Greenies? Cats love them ,and they are healthy so if thats all he will eat til you get him to the vet so be it.
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