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does anyone else cat try to eat plastic

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Neo loves to chew on plastic. I have ot be so careful. I bought something that had packing tape on the box and he was chewing on it. I have to make sure to leave no zip lock bags out or anything because she will chew on them. Does anyone else cat do this?
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Yes, Coal especially loves to chew on plastic. He likes photos, too. Lilith will lick the plastic but not chew it.

I think it has something to do with the oils that are used in its manufacturing, they must smell good to the cats or something!

What cracks me up is when I catch Coal gnawing on plastic and tell him to stop, he gets the guiltiest look on his face, like he knows he was doing something he shouldn't!
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Snowball seems to especially like chewing on the thin plastic bags I bring the groceries home in. He does this while I'm putting the groceries away, we don't leave plastic bags laying around for him to find.
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neo makes me so nervous with! I'm scared he is going to choak on it. I had to pull packing tape out of his mouth once and then one time he was playing with a plastic bag and got it caught around his neck. He also LOVES and I mean will go in my pocket pockbook and pull out femine products I think he likes those wrappers best
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Most plastic manufactureres use animal renderings in their process. This is especially true for the plastic shopping bags we all get at the grocery store, and is why with some plastics, cats are drawn to them. They can also get nasty obstructions by eating plastic and sometime toxic after effects from licking it.
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i always worry about obstructions, it seems like no matter how hard i try to make sure the platic is away he finds some somewhere!! MoeMoe doesn't bother with it at all, just neo
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Oh lordy yes, I've had many cats who like plastic. I had one cat that would try to make it a daily ritutal to eat our plastic shower curtains. He'd never eat them persay, but he would chew on them, A LOT.

Asim recently developed a taste for plastic, so we have to keep any kind of plastic away from him, if he can bite it, away it goes! We have to keep bred away from him, wrappers, zip lock bags, every thing you name it, he was even chewing on the bag to a motherboard before. I just really have to keep on top of it, but I don't mind, it's easy enough for me to take care of.
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My Tiger used to love to chew on plastic but he was very specific about which kind he liked. His plastic of choice was either pages from a photo album or pages from a card album! He destroyed an expensive portfolio case I had because he chewed the edges of the plastic inserts! He also thought photos were great too. Trying to put new pictures away in a album was always a chalange with him.
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BOTH my babies, Venus and Daisy, love to stomp on plastic bags, especially during play times... Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

It is too funny... i never once see them chew on plastic, but they LOVE stomping on them...

It started with Daisy - she likes the sound that are produced when she stomps on the plastic bags, and Venus, being the baby, got to acquire this habit from her sister.. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

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I've had two cats that were plastic chewers. One of them, absolutely loves plastic grocery bags-I have to make sure I don't leave them around. Another cat we had, used to like to chew on the end of dry cleaning bags that would hang in my closet. Cats can be their own worst enemies!
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Mine don't chew particulary, they just love to get inside them and run out and attack whoever walks by them..
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Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one with a cat who eats plastic. My Tubby is a plastic eater/chewer. He is not particular what knid it is. I thought he liked the noise it makes while he is chewing. I stopped getting my groceries in plastic because no matter where I stored them he was able to get at them. A couple of times I have even found bits of plastic in the litter box. Tubby is a sneaky boy when it comes to his plastic. While I am scolding him when he is eating plastic he looks up from his "meal" and starts to run with it. He knows he isn't suppoed to do it but he likes to dare me to stop him. I can honestly say that as diligent as I am about putting away plastic he still manages to find it. I think he has a stash somewhere in the house.
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Yup, Spike loves plastic as well. I have to keep grocery bags out of his reach or else he stands on them and licks them! ICK!
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