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The Daily Thread HAPPY HALLOWEEN Oct 31st!!

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Its a very warm (for us!) Halloween day with temps to reach about 60F.

Working on some laundry and I have outdoor yard stuff to do and finally organize my garden shed.

Running some errands when Neil comes home from work-we never have trick or treaters come here.

Nothing to exciting.

Have a good day and don't eat too much candy.

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I have the day off work today!!!

I was thinking that, once the grocery shopping is taken care of, that I would find a nice. sunny spot along the river to sit and quietly read. I had even entertained the notion of buying a good cigar to enjoy....don't know if that will actually happen or not.

Have a great day everybody!!!
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Yep, its going to be a beautiful sunny nice day here in the land of cheese. Got most of the yard work done day before yesterday, so not much to do today except enjoy the nice weather (well I could go split wood, but I am so sore from the other day I don't think I could pick up the sledge hammer!)
Enjoy your Halloween everyone!
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Halloween is my favorite day of the whole year! I've got on my pumpkin earrings, my black nail polish, black Halloween shirt, the goodie bags are ready to go, the pumpkins are carved, and I'm just waiting for the kiddos to come and get scared by my front porch decorations!
Been to yard sales already, going to the chiropractor in a little while; maybe I'll let DH take me to lunch after that.
The weather is great---supposed to hit mid-70s today.

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thanks for your kind wishes!

Happy halloween to everyone!
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Morning All!!!!

Happy Halloween

Beautiful morning here, sunny and 10C so it looks like a outside kind of day.

Have several errands to run after lunch so afterwards if I have time may go for a little walk down the fitness trail.

I actually saw a deer the other day which was nice.

The kitties are great this morning, tearing around the house right now seeing who can be the biggest brat. They seem to be having lots of fun though.

Everyone have a great days.
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN Everyone! It was downright chilly here early this morning. Had an early morning appointment with my eye doctor today, picked out a new pair of glasses(thanks to MEDICAID I only had to pay two dollars for them)! The MERRY MAIDS have just left and I'm hoping I can find something scarey to watch tonight.
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It's absolutely fantastic outside!!! 70+ degrees and I have all my windows and doors opened! It's beautiful! I can't wait for Trick or Treaters tonight. It's supposed to be warm tonight also...
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we just finished school and now we are going to carve our pumpkins...

have a fun and safe Halloween!!!!
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