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spaying cats

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hi just wanted to get a idea of the cost of spayng a cat
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The price varies from one place to another. It does cost more if your cat is in heat or pregnant. You can also contact the SPCA or Animal Control, they sometimes have special prices. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Just depends on where you live...prices range from state to state too..where I will be getting Fluffy spayed will cost $48, with pain meds they give me to give her will cost an extra $52 so I think it is pretty reasonable if ya ask me..Good Luck and let us know!
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Depends on what were talking here, if it's a feral there is a lot of those so called "nickle spay" clicics out there who will do it for very cheap or free (hence the name, nickle spay, they really mean it.)

On a normal basis, I got Isha done for $80 (that was the cheapist in that current town, most places wanted $100+) And I've gotten it done for as low as $30.00

It really depending on the area you live in, and don't go to a vet just because they are cheap, make sure you hear good reviews about the clinic before taking an animal there
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I got a voucher from the SPCA here and it had a list of local vets who took it... it was only $56, but there were other things that I had to pay for, so make sure you have extra money above what the price quoted, just in case. In my local SPCA's case, they didn't care where my cat came from, just that I made less than a set limit of $$$ a year.
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Just as a curiosity about how prices can vary from country to country:
When I lived in Japan I had my male cat neutered and the vet charged $150. Now I live in Romania and will have my female kitten spayed next month and the vet said it will cost me around $13.
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