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Sinus infection again?

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My cat, Jonathan Edward Simon, has had what seem to be sinus infections every year. He sneezes, and a long yucky discharge (not green, but opaque white or a bit yellow) spurts out his nose.

He's been on and off antibiotics. He gets all better after the antibiotics, then four, five months later, the symptoms start again. He seems fine otherwise.

The vet suggested he might have something stuck in his nasal passage. To investigate this would mean a specialist and thousands of dollars for an operation. She is concerned that he'll develop a resistance to the antibiotics.

Has anyone had a furry with these symptoms? Could it be allergy related?

Thanks a ton,

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Hi !
I do not now if those were allergies, but one of the strays I care for from April to June he sneezes non stop after flowers blossom he is perfectly fine till next year. Other stray when he is indoors or when the weather is dry he is perfectly fine, but when it gets humid outside, foggy, then he caughs ...
Maybe there is something in the weather, when the weather changes..

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my new kitten has feline herpes and gets a snuffy nose alot. the vet told me to give him 1/4 tab of Zytrec when he is snuffy and sneezy. it clears him right up. I've also been using Little noses it's just a saline nose drops for kids.

He does the same thing- sneezes with lots of snot coming out. (Ewww!)
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Oh man! I can tell you stories about flinging snot! My Hannah has feline herpes and is a sneezer. As long as it's not colored, she's fine. Since your kitty has this recurring problem, you might want to have him tested for herpes. We've switched to grain-free foods, added a dietary supplement, and started feeding some raw to boost her health. It's helped a lot. We recently started giving her Claritin (generic brand) 1/2 tablet daily and it pretty much keeps her sneeze free unless there's a cold front coming through or we're having a bad ozone day. At least now, the snot's not flinging quite as far and it's not colored.

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