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Stomper...home from the hospital

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Hi everybody!

Meowmy said you all were thinking about me lots when I had to have my big scary surgery. I wanted to send you all hugs.... but I can't quite stand up for that yet. I can give you a pat though

Follow me please.....

Time for belly rubs...excuse my bad haircut. Meowmy says my incision looks really good despite being 6 inches long.

This is what the top half looked like two days ago. I was so happy to be home

Headbutts please

That felt good, now I need to sleep

Thank you for caring about me
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Awwwwww I love Stomper. You can just tell he is such a sweetheart through and through. Those eyes just pull you in.
I am so glad he is feeling better and especially glad that he is there with you, recovering.
Still sending so many vibes to your precious gorgeous boy
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Awww Stomper. he looks so cuddly and loving. I'm so glad he's feeling better. Lots more healing vibes for both of you.
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What a handsome boy! Glad he's home!

He sure looks like he's in Heaven getting those head scritches!!
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aww he looks like he is recovering well. He looks like he has the most lovely personality
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it's true what everyone is saying, his eyes radiate a calmness and contentment. he's a gorgeous boy.

here are lots of healing for his continue good progress.
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Awww Bless him, he's so sweet and handsome I hope he's back to his old self soon
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Awww bless his little heart I'm so happy that your gorgeous boy is home and doing well.
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I'm so glad to see him home and doing well! He looks like he's recovering swimmingly. Give him a kiss for me!
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I'm so glad he's home and doing well. He looks like he's feeling much better.
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