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Goodbye, Simon

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My aunt Carol's sweet little maltese, Simon, passed away yesterday. He was 11.5 years old. He died from kidney failure.

She is absolutely distraught; he was her baby. His puppy friend Katie is also missing him dearly. Any thoughts and prayers that you can spare for Simon and those he left behind would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a nephew maltese named Simon I am so sorry that you guys lost your Simon. They are beautiful dogs as Im sure your Simon was, too.

Many condolences to your Aunt and to your family
May Simon Rest In Peace
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Oh I'm so sorry! and hugs to those Simon left behind.

Simon earned his wings, and I'm sure he's doing what he can to send comfort to those who loved him so dearly.

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my thoughts are with your aunt and little katie and of course you and jess at this sad time.

i know the little fella will be bouncing around across the bridge with all his new friends secure in the love your aunt gave him.

RIP simon.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Aunts Cat. Rest in Peace Simon.
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So sorry about Simon. Hugs and healing thoughts to you all.

My beagle had to be PTS due to kidney to hear this makes me extra sad.

Rest in Peace, Simon.
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Sending love to your Aunt and little Katie.

Rest in peace sweet Simon.
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My thoughts are with your Aunt and Katie, as well as with you. Simon is playing over the Bridge now, and will always be looking down on those who loved him during his time on Earth.

Rest in Peace, Simon
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Poor baby, i'm so sorry

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