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What is best?

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Recently there has been a female stray around my apartment complex. My neighbor who cares for all the strays around here said that she doesn't recognize the cat. It's probably either new or someone released it. It is an extremely domesticated cat. The other day my fiance and I noticed under our car and within minutes she was all over us asking for pets The neighbor put a flea collar on it and has begun adding it into her rotation of food. But just today my fiance got a chance to pick her up. He said that she felt heavier then normal and her belly is enlarged. He nipples seem huge as well. My question is. My best friends dad is a vet and I can take the cat to him and he can take care of the kittens. But my fiance brought up a good point. What if she already gave birth? We know where she spends her nights and i haven't HEARD any kittens, doesn't mean there aren't any right? Would it be more harmful to take her in if she DOES have kittens somewhere? How exactly could I tell if she were IN FACT pregnant? Any ides on what to do would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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Personally I'd take her in for a quick check to see if she is pregnant or not. The vet can tell if she's given birth. Usually they will not be fat but their back nipples (nearest the tail) will be full of milk if she's nursing kittens.
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Yeah, yesterday actually me and my neighbor decided the best thing for her was to take her into the vet. It's been raining heavy every night this week and we felt it was in her best interest to go. She is indeed pregnant, but still just a kitten , between 6-8months old!!! But the vet is keeping her till she gives birth and I am putting up fliers around my complex to see if anyone would like any of her kittens. Hopefully she has a great story at the end of this!
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I had the same dilemma when I found my pregnant stray...I freaked out for about 24 hours thinking that we were wrong, that maybe she wasn't pregnant, but already had kittens. We also had to take her to the vet, but at least now I can definitely tell the difference between nursing nipples and pregnant nipples!
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