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help needed

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to anyone who may help: I canot affor a vet right now, and would like to know if my female cat is pregnant from the male who died last week (Billy fell off the 8th floor varanda of my apartment!!) If she is not pregnat, something strange is happening: she has not been in heat for about 4 months! My male cat who died was very slow and did not breed, I guess, at least nevere saw it, is this possible?

ÃŽ va a beautiful white persion that keeps producing a dark liquid from his eyes, I have given him medicines and cleaned it often but is does not help. Could someone suggest me a new medicine or a home made ointment? I would be very thankful. Also please suggest me something to do to get my female cat in heat. TKS
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4 months is a long time not to be in heat. A general pregnancy is 63 days. There could be something going on with her. As for the persian, it is fairly normal to have the brown beneath the eyes. The tear ducts clog and produce the guck you see. Keeping them wiped down with a warm cloth and using artifical tears helps.
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