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cat food

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how many oz's of cat food do you need for an adult cat. wet food
and dry food.
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depends on the size of the cat
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And the cat's energy level.
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the cats are average energy leval,when there not sleeping there playing
3 cats.2 9 year olds and 1 -1 year old
she plays more. i would like to know what should be feed to an adult cat.

they have been free will eatting for years, and i am fixen to put a stop to that.
i can't afford to feed them wet food all the time anymore, so i need to know how maby oz is recomended for an adult cat of dry food, and i will give them wet every once in awhile
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there should be a guide on the bag that will give you an idea of how much to feed. then you make adjustments depending on if the cat is losing or gaining weight at that amount. no one can say that a cat needs to eat X amount of food because it depends on the brand of food, such as supermarket food or super-premium because the higher the quality of food the less you have to feed...check the bag/box of food and go from there.

good luck
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First off, I only feed my guys 1/2 wet food and 1/2 dry food...

Mine will eat about 1/2 a 6oz can each... Which is about 1, 6oz can a day IF I fed only wet food. Now, it depends on the kind of wet food...The can should have a reccommended amount on it (i.e. 1, 6oz can a day per 8lbs of weight), etc. But usually those recs. are for a fairly high energy cat. The better quality the food the less you feed (i.e. if you are feeding a grain free can like EVO or Wellness you'll feed less than say a can of friskies). I'd start with feeding 1/2 a can 2x a day or 1/3 a 6oz can 3x a day and see how much they eat. If they are leaving some, just take it up and feed less the next meal.

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