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Smudgey and her eyes

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Poor little girl...

Last week she had brown liquid dripping down her face from one of her eyes, and they've seemed a little more irritated recently.

I took her to the regular vet yesterday who said she has eyelashes/fur touching her eyeballs again - her eyelids roll in, and so the hair touches the eyes - she had cryosurgery to remove the excess hair when she was 4 months old.

They do a test to check how dry the eyes are, and normal is about 15 - her right eye was 14, her left eye was 7 which is quite dry - especially since we give her eye drops every night.

So we need to increase the frequency of the eye drops (which will be hard since it's a 2 person job, and hubby works all day - we'll need to do them as often as possible for life. We also got some antibiotic ointment to give her for 2 weeks to help.

She goes to the veterinary ophthalmologist next week to see if more surgery will help. Poor little pumpkin! She loves the vet though, and the vet adores her so that's something.
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Poor sweet Smudgy!

Do they do the same entropion surgery on kitties that they do on dogs? I know on dogs they take out a little flap of the eyelid ( think like eye lift surgery) so the lash line then rolls backwards out of the eye.

I don't know if they can do this on kitties. Smudge is only the second kitty I have ever seen with entropion.

that the opthalmologist has some new ideas to help.
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I know they considered surgery for entropion when she was a kitten, but decided against it for some reason.

Part of the membranes (maybe eyelid) aren't developed - the looks like she only has half an eyelid in one of her eyes - it literally stops halfway across her eye.
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Oh, poor sweet little Smudge. It hurts my heart to think she might hurt in any way. You are such a good meowmy to her Sarah. Kisses, hugs and healing vibes on their way to all of you.
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Poor little sweetheart! Sending for her and for you, and hoping that the opthalmologist has some good suggestions for you.
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.. I have known a number of dogs with this kind of issue and the one s with surgery had great results
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She's getting antibiotic ointment and she hates us putting it in, but I think it also lubricates her eyes, and for longer. After we've put it in, she actually opens her eyes the whole way rather than squinting, and last night was tearing all over the bed chasing our fingers and toes - she was in such a good mood.
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