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Tuxedo is having problems peeing.... (long)

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Well - Tuxedo's story got written up in The Cat Lounge because it was about him coming home, it's just that it so happened that he got sick and had to stay at the Vet's for almost a week before he wouldn't infect our other cats with the virus he had.

He had stopped eating and drinking, and he apparently had a urinary tract infection as well, which is what tipped off the boarding facility staff while he was there. He lost over 50% of his body weight in a short period of time.

Once we brought him home last week, it took him a day or two to completey perk up, but he was eating and drinking (a lot!!!) from the beginning, and he's quickly been putting the weight back on.

He eats like a horse and we see him drinking a lot of water constantly throughout the day. And from last weekend through the week week seemed to be peeing normally, though in smaller amounts than our other cats.

He has very normal bowel movements and is not having a problem with diarrhea or constipation.

We had to go to Chicago Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday, so we weren't here to observe his behavior. When we got back yesterday, we noticed him going to the litterbox 3 or 4 times one right after the other. But we did see him pee - just in a small golf-ball sized amount, which is why we didn't take him to the Vet today. (Our other cats leave 3 or 4 more times as much pee than Tuxedo has been).

We noticed this behavior again today, but we did see pee. But as of this evening (now that the Vet is closed!!!), he has been heading into the litterbox, is clearly trying to pee, and doesn't. Or just a few drops come out. And he goes back to the litterbox repeatedly. And he'll leave one litterbox and head straight to the other and try there. And he keeps licking himself down there.

We're planning on taking him to the Vet tomorrow, because his behavior in the last hour is clearly indicating that he's having a problem peeing. But I just saw him drink water for several minutes!!!! ...and he doesn't seem to be in pain or tender when Gary picks him up and presses and feels around.

This isn't normal, right? He's not just obsessed with the litterboxes or something... ??? I might be inclined to think so, but he didn't exhibit this behavior earlier in the week - and now he's gone back to the litterboxes about 5 times in the last hour, so he's got to have a problem.

He had no blockage while he was at the Vet with the UTI and the virus. And we've been giving him the prescribed Orbifloxacin all week - he has two halves left to go.

Is this the symptom of a blockage? Is it even possible for it to be connected with a UTI - he's been being treated (receiving medication) for UTI for almost two weeks now!

We are so worried about our little guy. While I wrote this he's been in there THREE MORE TIMES, and each time just a few drops comes out.

Is this an emergency? He's straining to go pee (we just saw him have a very normal bowel movement). Can it wait until 10:00am?
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I think i might take him to the kitty er. That would make me really really worried because he keeps drinking and trying to go and can't. Poor little kitty. Sure hope he is okay!!
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From recent experience He needs to get to the vet ASAP. If he's squatting, and nothing is coming out, he's probably blocked. Males are prone to this, so it's likely. If you have any questions about it, just let me know.
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I was so freaked I contacted MA, who advised us to call the Vet ASAP, which we did. The Vet on call (the one who is the REAL cat lover!) is meeting us there in 15 minutes.

Thank you so much for answering so quickly!!!!!
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Please let us know how he's doing when you know!!
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hope he is okay!! sending good kitty vibes your way!
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Sending postitive kitty prayers!
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Poor little guy!!!!! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much your advice, thoughts and good wishes mean. The poor little guy has been through so much...and then on Thursday we had to leave town unexpectedly. We got a cat sitter to come once a day, so at least they didn't have to go through the stress of going to a boarding facility, but this is the first time we've had to leave any of them for any length of time, and Tuxedo has been home with us since just last Friday!

(Gary's on his way to the Vet already with Tuxedo. We thought it best if one of us stayed here with the other cats. They were starting to act kind of freaky, and Shelly was really upset. All the chores around here are done, so I have nothing to do but sit here and worry. So I'm writing).

I feel so guilty! We got back into town yesterday. The poor little guy probably thought he'd been abandoned again and completely stressed out.

The interesting thing is how well all four cats are getting along. Even Spooky, who we figured would take weeks to warm up to him, is completely comfortable around him (by the time we got back yesterday). He and Shelly play with each other constantly. Batting at each others' feet through the bathroom door seems to provide them with great entertainment, and we got no sleep at all last night because Shelly and Tuxedo were romping around for hours in the middle of the night. There has been no hissing, no batting - nothing!

And this morning Spooky and Tuxedo were bunched right up next to each other watching birds!

We stopped feeding Tuxedo separately, and he already eats together with the others.

Anyway, Gary's probably there by now, and I'm just babbling.
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Poor Tux! I hope we get good news soon.
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Well, I'm still sitting here waiting to hear from Gary.

Lazlo is meowing and meowing in his "asking" meow. He obviously knows I'm upset - he doesn't normally act like this. What a sweetie!

I downloaded "today's" pics just for something to do while I wait.

I tried to take a pic of Tuxedo and Spooky hanging out together, but by the time I found the camera, turned it on and snapped a shot, Tuxedo was cruising down the back of the couch for a different angle on the bird-watching.

Here's a pic of Tuxedo stepping over Spooky. I would have sworn this would have taken weeks to get to this point! It took Spook about two weeks before she stopped swatting at the boys when she moved in with all of us.

I wonder if it's something in their genes or something that makes their smell similar? Because in under a week we had a peaceful playful household with all four cats. We're just in (happy!) shock!
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Hi Jeanie! Thanks for your good wishes, too!!!!

Here's Tuxedo and Shelly watching birds together (Shelly's on the right, Tuxedo's on the left...)

(Sorry, just killing time).
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If it weren't for Tux's big collar, it would be hard to tell the difference. There's certainly a family resemblance. Here goes another prayer for Tuxedo! I hope you soon get a diagnosis.

Oh, I just noticed what the cats are reading-a bird book. How intellectual. Are they gourmet birds, or birds to observe from that window perch?
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WOW they look so much alike!!! I don't think i would be able to tell them apart hope you little guy is fine!! It is wonderful that you have some place you can take them right away, our kitty er is over an hour away in clemington NJ. They are wonderful there, but it is along drive and then a LONG wait in the waiting room.
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any news yet? hope tuxedo it ok....

I had the same thing with my Leo soon after I got him, he also had a virus, but a mild one. he would pee just a little, and then keep returning, peeing a little each time, and same as you would go to the litter box 4 tiems in a row and strain...and cry too and occasionally I saw a spec of blood after he would pee a little, I felt awful for him.... I had called the vet, and brought him in the same day after I saw him go and not pee at all. He wasn't blocked, his blatter was actually empty. So it was most likely an UTI, they gave me antibiotics, inflammatories, and new diet. He got back to normal in 4 days. Boy was I relieved. It is a very scary thing. Now I keep him on this special food Medical prevetative, altough it has corn in it, it is one of the only foods available here scientificaly proven to help this condition, and I don't want to take any chances... also if he didn't improve, they were going to take a urinary sample and ex-ray of his bladder, but his had been fine ever since,and I hope we never have this problem again! Just thought I'd share my expirience, I am babbling too...but I I know how you feel! I'm wishing Tuxedo will be fine!!!!
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HE'S OK!!!!!!!!!!!

He does not have a blockage!!! There is no urine in his bladder - but apparently he keeps trying to go to the bathroom because he feels like he has to. That's what it was like for me when I had a UTI! So apparently this is just a different strain or a stronger strain of infection or something. We're to stop giving him the Orbofloxacin and now we're to give him Clavamox.

He was given a steriod shot to stop the itching, and he was given some subcutaneous something or another (couldn't hear to well on the cellphone), and he was given another shot of some type of antiobiotic.

So he's coming home and he's OK, and the Doc didn't want to charge a fee because of all the business we've given them with the ferals.... Gary said he didn't want that because he didn't ever want to hesitate to call if we're worried it's an emergency because they're not going to charge us... so he agreed to take the fee and use it to help a woman who has a colony with FeLV. It'll help pay for further spay/neutering, and it'll help pay to test the kittens that were born from one mum who hadn't been trapped yet. And they're going to call if they need help trapping.

Gary has truly earned his reputation as "The Cat Man of Blairstown."

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awwww that is great!!! and Your vet sounds like a wonderful person! I need a vet like that! I'm so happy he gets to stay home!
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glad he is back at home! Leo was put on clavamox too....

keep us posted on how he is doing!
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Laurie- I would love to do a story about the two of you! Great job!
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I just found this thread...I am so glad to know Tuxedo is ok and there was no blockage! We went through this a few years back with Sunshine, he had to have surgery because he would keep reblocking.

You and Gary are truly kitty angels!
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she is a kitty angel for sure!! her and hubby need a reward!
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Laurie, we're all so relieved! I know what you mean about insisting on paying. Good hearted and competent people might not understand that we appreciate their kind offers, but don't want to take advantage of them, because we want to continue to use their excellent skills!
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You and Gary are the best! Your kitties are lucky to have you.
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Tuxedo is doing great. And I'm sure it's because all of the goodwill you guys sent his way!!!!

He's romping around like normal. He's still eating a lot, so he's gaining weight still (that he lost when he had the virus two weeks ago).

He seems to be peeing just fine now, and the steroids must have worked, because he does not seem to be in any discomfort.

Anita, I know exactly what you went through with Leo!!!!! I'm so glad it wasn't a blockage. We were really worried.

Sue - I hope Sunshine is OK now and that you haven't had any further problems!

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Laurie, I just got on the puter and I just wanted to let you know that I'm so happy for you that everything has worked out with Tuxedo!
He is a sweetie and from what I saw of him he looks like quite the character and quite the lover!
I'm glad that he's ok and I'm also glad you have a fantastic vet. Congrats on both fronts!
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