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Just had a scare!

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The cable TV guy was here, trying to find a bad connection. He wanted to check the connection in the attic, so we went out in the garage to go up the stairs.

I was up there with him a few minutes and came back down, only to see Sterling standing and contemplating the big outdoors through the open garage door (I opened it earlier to go out back to talk to the cable guy). I shooed him back in the house and did a quick nose count, finding only 2. I couldn't find Punkin.

I went back out in the alley, looked both ways, and saw a big yellow and white tail disappearing around the corner of the fence. I ran up there, and when Punkin saw me, he took off running the other direction in that panicked, "Get me out of here!" mode. I followed him around the corner of the house, and watched as he went several houses up and went between two houses.

When I got up there, no sign of him. I went out in the alley. Nothing. So I went back out in front of the houses, and started looking under bushes, etc. I found Punkin lying winded under a bush, and managed to catch him.

Boy, Dottie would have killed me if I hadn't found him! Naughty boy!
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nono: Naughty Pumpkin It is not nice to do that. Don't you know how dangerous it is in the big bad world?
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I won't tell Dottie if you don't and I think that Punkin might be silent on this point as well.
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Oh gosh what a nasty scare! Bad boy Punkin! I'm glad you found him without too much trouble.
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Close call.
Don't do that again Punkin.
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You know yesterday must have been a kitty run away day. Jordan hasn't tried to get out the door in at least a month. Well last night I came home & while I was trying to get in the door he ran out past me. He never goes far (I think he thinks it a game), but I'm aalways afraid he going to take off running.
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what a scary time that must have been! thank goodness you managed to get him back so quickly!
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What a relief you caught him. I think I'm pretty luck in this respect. Wickett is terrafied of the outside and the 2 times Frankie has gotten out in the last 4 years she's frozen then turned tail and run back inside with out much prompting.
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Zane tried to get out, too, but I managed to head him off. (I stick out my foot; I don't KICK him of course, just block him. Anyone who saw me from a distance might THINK I was kicking him, but I swear to Bast I don't come anywhere near making contact.)
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Phew - great you got on his tail quick enough!

What really gives me the creeps when I have people coming to the house and THEY leave the door open. Then I don't necessarily have any control or clue that something is happening, and a lot of time can lapse if someone just don't remember to be careful. When I make the mistake at least I get that bad feeling pretty dang soon!

It's a surprising amount of people who easily seem to remember to be careful with doors when there are dogs around but cats do not make them too careful - I don't know if others have had the same experience!!! Also some maintenance guys do not get it that it is not only the doors but also high windows and little vents and stuff. Not even if you just said so!
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Punkin has done this to us about 5 times. Twice were at truck stops, and if you don't think that's scary...

I could just about picture an experience like ...was it Snickers who got out and got hit by a car just this past week? Fortunately, our street is not very busy, and I've never seen a dog or cat killed on it. But when he runs, it's like it's blind panic.
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I am so glad that you caught up with Mr Speedy Kitty.
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