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Poor Manytoes....vibes/thoughts/advice requested! (long)

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Well, Manytoes is in the hospital. Ive been unwell the last couple days so stayed home from lab. Yesterday morning (5am) Manytoes woke me up with what I'll call "Hairball noises". Nothing happened and he came back in and lay on the bed. At about 6:45am, he does it again, but this time has a huge vomit. It was digested food mostly, definately *not* a hairball. For the rest of the day he is behaving very abnormally. Staying under the bed (which he NEVER does), did not eat or drink or use the litter once. I tried to ply him with canned cat food...he came running out, but then took one sniff and went back under the bed. As a last resort, we tried the favourite kitty crack cat candies: dairy flavoured temptations. Nothing. (really big deal to have no response to cat candies) Shortly after, when he came lethargically walking out of the bedroom, I could see some third eyelid and his ears felt warm, off to the Emergency vet we go. They check him, and he has a fever of 40.7....our 3 hour estimated wait became a 45 minute wait. The vet who examined him recommended we admit because of course, they have to do blood tests, X-rays, and administer IV fluids. It was 11pm at this time. So there, for the first time ever, I leave my baby behind, scared and sick.
Later in the night, they called to tell me that Manytoes is doing much better, responding to IV fluids and antibiotics that they are administering because they have determined he has a kidney infection!!
In any case, they said if he keeps doing well, they could discharge him home later today with some antibiotics. He still hasnt eaten anything at all, but his liver is doing very good and he apparantly has been behaving much more normally this morning....so please, Vibes for manytoes to be home and better soon!

Thoughts and advice...Im worried this is "all Daisy's fault". We added a 6mth old kitten to the house 1 month ago. She was checked out and determined to be in perfect condition. Had tested FeLV and FIV negative. Fully vaccinated. About 1 week after the introduction (went well, cats actually get along great, almost truly love eachother) Manytoes developed a severe eye infection. He was given Clavamox and eye drops, and kitten a suspension of Amoxicillin (kitten was 100% according to vet, the idea was for her to not catch Manytoes infection). MT responds well to antibiotics, but infection does spread to other eye and require continued treatment for an additional 5 days. Daisy is fine this entire time. One week after that, MT had another issue. He did a lot of coughing, lost his voice entirely, wouldnt putt. Vet determined no blockage, gave me hairball remedy to administer over the weekend. Didnt work. (btw, MT eating drinking, toileting, behaving normal during all this). So he goes back the following Monday, has X Rays etc., seems to be nothing, given some more Clavamox. My partner Dave administers this while Im away at a conference in Montreal. He was back to normal a couple days after I left. Fast forward, this new episode has happened 1 week after finishing that last course of Clavamox...Vets (regular and emerg) tend to not think its something the kitten harboured and passed on, but won't rule it out. Everyone agrees its a little unlikely to be coincidence that he has had repeated infections since the new kitten arrived, but???
Any thoughts or ideas?

Thanks for reading my long post!
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I know about kidney and bladder infections because Coco gets them alot.
You need to stop it before the kidneys get damaged.
I hope your cat feels better.
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Poor Manytoes. Sending lots of good his way.
Are they both indoor cats? maybe one of them picked something up outside and brought it in? Maybe it's stress caused by adding a new family member?
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Yes, they are both indoor cats. No signs of UTI, prior to acute onset problem yesterday (normal water consumption, normal urination etc). I wonder if it's a stress thing, but his attitude and behaviour are otherwise completely normal.
Ive just brought him home, and we'll see how he does. His fever was down, with a temp of 38.8 on discharge. I have 2 weeks of antibiotics to give him (this cat is for sure sick of pills but oh well!)
He will see his regular vet in a week or so for a re-check...
Daisy is still and has always been completely normal...
Thanks for your thoughts
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Lots and lots of
for Many Toes!.

I am so glad you have him back home. It sounds like he is responding to treatment. Make sure he eats.

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...The eating isn't going too well. He ate only 3 cat candies and a very small amount of food. So, if this doesnt improve during the day today, I guess its back off to the vet again....He is behaving much better compared to when I first took him, but not what he should be. Has taken 2 pills with little trouble (but normally likes a few candies after and wont take this time)
Will update later...
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