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Taking Four Kids Trick or Treating

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My husband and I are taking our 10 year-old and three of her friends trick or treating tomorrow night... These three friends are all parent-less at the moment and have convinced their caregivers that we are the ones who can take them.

One girl is in foster care, the other's mom is in the hospital, and the other little girl's mom is terminally ill. I'm happy these kids feel comfortable with us and trust us enough to help them out so they don't miss Halloween!

It's going to be a noisy afternoon, dinner, and evening. One girl is staying over and another asked to, but I can only handle one extra child overnight right now.

Are you taking any kids out on Halloween? It's supposed to be pouring rain here!
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Dh will take the younger two out. My 17 year old will help me handout candy. Then we all go to the big park. The community puts on "The Great Pumpkin walk". The trails will be lined with about 300 lite jack-o-lanterns, decorations, and local businesses will be handing out candy and hot chocolate. Then we will quickly go home and watch the fireworks, We can see them perfectly from our living room window. We are supposed to get rain too.
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Yes, I will be taking my daughter
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I will be stuck at home this Halloween BORING!
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Sounds like fun! That is really sweet you are taking all of these kids. Hope you get some pictures, then you could give them to the kids and they could look back and smile on the fun night.
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Staying home and handing out candy
I still have to buy halloween candy.I wait as long as I can because I tend to eat more of it then I hand out.
Anyone esle have this problem?I'm a chocolate lover.
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How nice that you can take the kids who like you! Not that kids wouldn't like you - you know what I mean.

Nobody has come to our house trick or treating in the 13 years we have lived here. We do live in suburbia but we live on a hill with no sidewalks.

Ben has not mentioned trick or treating this year (he is 13) and since he is on suspension he is not going to go anyway.

DH and I are going to our local wine store that is having a Halloween celebration. We gave up leaving candy in a cauldron by the front door. Nobody came to take any. Oye!
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We live in a large apartment complex, and no one comes by to Trick-or-Treat! Last year, I went to my dad's to hand out candy, and then went to a party. This year, I will not be going to my dad's as I have a ton of work to do before I catch a plane on Saturday. I will be leaving the computer processing some data while I pop away to a party later in the evening
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My husband said it "sounds awful" to take them if it is pouring rain, so it looks like I'll probably be taking them by myself, lol.

I don't mind the rain. It adds to the gloom of Halloween.
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