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I invoke "board magic"

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For those of you that already know and for those of you that don't, Hubby needs a J O B soon. If we can get everyone together to collectively concentrate on a job offer for ALL the members and spouses that need work, we may work a miricle. Is there a good day/night that will work for a COMMUNITY JOB OPPORTUNITY sit in??
Who knows how many of us would benifit from all of us putting out our positive energy out there at the same time?? Any vollunteers? There is power in numbers!
Peace, love, and prosperity,
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Consider some energy sent for finding the very best possible job for him!!!
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sending you lots of job vibes. I could use some money vibes myself! I'll even light my kitty candle for ya
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Sunday night is a good night for me!!! (And probaby many others?)

Teresa, I read your earlier post and hubby is already in my prayers.

Every night at 9:00 EDT I take one minute to stop to think about the troops in Iraq...I believe others are doing this too. (At 9:00 their local times?)

How about we all put in an additional minute at 9:01 PM each night to pray for the best for all of those here who (or who's spouses) need work? I think it's a great idea!

(I'll include those who are hoping for new jobs, too!)
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sounds like a great idea!!! Business luck can be included with the looking for jobs too The cat come home vibes work great!! In fact sherbert is sitting by the back door, i think he is looking for ashton tried to grap him but failed
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I landed a new job, so I'm sending some of my luck.
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Ted need some of that board vibs! And a job!!
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I'm in for 9:01 positive job vibes! And I'm free on Sunday night too. To everyone've already got my positive energy flowing.
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I have also emailed family and friends to join in. I think our numbers are growing every minute! Please know how much this means to us and all those who are jobless or in a miserable job!
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This is concentrated good thoughts!!!!
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LOVE Hugs {{{}}} Peace \\/
Love From... SAM
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Sending "great job" vibes from GA!!!
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Sending up prayers for you!
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sending positive "get a job vibe" for everyone on the board (and sig others) who need a job!
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There seems to be a lot of job hunters out there latly. Im looking too now. So is Kathy. A big round of hugs for all!
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Teresa, I don't know if anyone else is doing it or not, but I've added 9:01pm to my routine, so there's at least one person out there every day thinking GET JOB thoughts to all those in need!

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Thanks everyone! We are still looking. Hubby may check out microsoft as they were his competiter at his last job.
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