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Conn's Disease

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Some of you may remember earlier in the year i posted up when Blue went into hospital with muscle weakness and unable to hold his head up and he was diagnosed with low pottasium but all his other levels were ok. He has been on potassium tablets twice a day since then, but he has been in and out of the vets ever since as when ever he gets under the weather and doesnt eat he goes straight downhill and his potassium level plummets. He was off his food for one day last week and also sicked up blood so we took him straight down, this time they run more specialist tests and the results came back today, he has Conn's Syndrome, we are waiting for the vet to hear from the specialist as apparantly it is quite rare in cats, i have done a search on the net and found the following:
Although only recently discovered, feline adrenal disorders are becoming increasingly more recognized. Feline adrenal disorders include diseases such as hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's syndrome) and hyperaldosteronism (Conn's syndrome). The clinical signs of feline hyperadrenocorticism, which include unregulated diabetes mellitus and severe skin atrophy, are unique to the cat. Other signs of feline hyperadrenocorticism, such as potbellied appearance, polydipsia, polyuria, and susceptibility to infections are also seen in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism. Conn's syndrome has only recently been described in the cat and is in fact more common in cats than in dogs. Characterized by severe hypokalemia, hypertension, and muscle weakness, Conn's syndrome may be misdiagnosed as renal failure. The clinician should become familiar with the clinical signs of adrenal disorders in cats and the common diagnostic tests used to diagnose these syndromes in cats as they differ from those in the dog. Treatment of feline adrenal disorders may be challenging; the clinician should become familiar with common drugs used to treat adrenal disorders in cats.

Has anyone here got any experience of this? xx
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I hope he feels better.
I do not know anything about that sickness though.
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I do not know anything, but I would be curious about what kind of specialist you are going to see. My Jordan has been diagnosed with Idopathic HyperCalcimia. One of the things I always wondered about was an undiscovered Adreal disease. (not to mention I have my suspicions about Lactulose)
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