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The Daily Thread Thursday October 30th

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Well my thermometer says its 36F outside but breezy and the sun will be with us for the next several days!!

Off to a couple more clients today trying to finish up fall garden cleanup then home for some cleanup of my own. My garden shed needs its fall organization badly.

I was a bit tired yesterday afternoon for some reason so it was a early to bed night. Should have made a cup of coffee for some extra energy.

Leftovers for dinner tonite-have to clear some containers out of the .

Nothing else exciting for today.

Have a good day.
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Morning All!!!

Suppose to be sunny and cold here for the next few days as well. That's okay good weather for walking.

Puttering around the house this morning, did a load of towels and lindens, which I am just waiting for to dry. This afternoon I am going for a walk on the fitness trail then dropping off some clothing I am donating to the Salvation Army. I cleaned out my closet a couple of days ago and anything that I haven't worn in a year is going.
Some of the stuff I have had for ages and if I haven't worn by now never will.

Not sure what's on the menu for tonight, I have some chili in the freezer so I may just have some of that.

The kitties are good this morning, all snoozing in a sunspot in the center of the living room. I put a blanket down for them and they are all dead to the world, lazy bums....

Everyone have a great day.
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Off to the doctors today. 2 hour drive, ugh I hate that part.
My thermometer says it's 42 degrees outside.. It's flurried a couple of times this past week so I bet we'll have snow before long.

Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend. Daylight savings time is done I believe Nov 2.
Have a great day everyone. Gotta go!!!!
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Evening everyone

This morning I went and early voted....spent about 3 hours in line waiting to vote. After I voted I came home and had a little lunch and painted the bathroom some more.

Tonight I went to yoga class and that was great I just got home a little while ago, so now I'm trying to scrable to come up with ideas for tomorrow night (I'm having a little Halloween party at my house for my sister and her youngest boy (the older kids are going to a party at church with their dad, but Cooper isn't old enough.) I think the plan for tomorrow is for them to come over and have some dinner and I've got a few Halloween shows recorded for Cooper to watch while I hand out candy. After that my sister and I are going to take him around our neighborhood trick or treating.
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