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PKD...please help

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Hey all am new to posting but have been reading some of these posts for a while now....

Would really like some help, have decided to start breeding persian cats due to love of the breed and after alot of research got a white male and a female tortie, with the view of increasing numbers after this first pair.
However have just had a phonecall from breeder saying my females mother is found to be PKD positive.
Am so so upset... she really is a gorgeous girl... had very high hopes for her.
I know i must get her spayed, but do you think it's worth getting her tested? should also point out she's only 4 months old now.
I really am at my wits end, would aprreciate any advice?
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It is worth it to test your kitten! Just because the mother is positive does not mean your baby is too. Find a vet that will perform a sonogram. I pay $47.00 but, it varies vet to vet. It is well worth the money. Test her now and again in 3 months.
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As this is a heriditary illness your breeder should have offered to replace your girl with a negitive female from a different breeding. Make sure to ask in the future if the cattery is PKD free. Check your contract to make sure there is a clause that there is a replacement if your kitten is not breedable.
Please have her checked as you may not have to spay. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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