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150-200 ferals in LA county to be euthanised

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Has anyone else heard about this? Someone mentioned it on catster.com so I started digging around. SOMEONE is lying.
I found an article from back in March that states LA country is triyng to build a data center, but the ferals living on the property is preventing them from doing so.
Now LA county is claiming the cats are causing a problem with flies, feces, and fleas. This feral colony is being managed and cared for.

This is something I found

A situation has developed on the campus of Rancho Los Amigos in Downey. The Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Department of Capital Projects and Debt Management, ordered December 3, the trapping and mass euthanasia of over 100 cats which have called the campus home for over 10 years. The mass extermination is to begin in two weeks, just days before the Christmas holiday.

The cat populations on the Rancho campus is comprised mainly of feral cats which have been born due to people's lack of spay/neutering their own pets. A smaller proportion are household cats, which have been dumped by non-caring owners who no longer want to care for their pets, or pets that have been abandoned by owners moving from nearby housing tracts. These cats live in well managed colonies throughout the large campus, but mainly in the old, abandoned buildings of the campus south of Imperial Highway in what was at one time a nationally recognized center for rehabilitation of war veterans. The cats are well fed, vaccinated, microchipped, and receive veterinary care when needed.

Hundreds of cats lived on the grounds in years past, but with a concerted trap/spay/neuter/return (TNR) program in place by Fail-Safe 4 Felines, Inc., nearly 100% of the cats living there have now been rendered infertile and incapable of reproducing. The population of cats on the campus is now less than half it was just five years ago. Without the TNR program, the numbers of cats on the campus would be staggering to say the least. But through natural attrition and the TNR program, the colony will continue to significantly reduce over time. It is proven that trapping and euthanization have done nothing but burn a hole in tax payers’ pockets and KILL innocent pets. TNR has proven itself to work and be effective and this colony deserves to be left intact and protected.

The mass extermination was ordered because of a complaint received by the Chief Executive Office regarding fleas in a nearby building. Many other wild animals also call the campus home, including opossums, skunks, and raccoons. There is no known rat problem in this section of the campus.

Please make a difference by voicing your protest to Los Angeles Board Supervisor Don Knabe 4th District; 822 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration; 500 West Temple St; .Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: 213 974-4444 Fax: 213 626-6941 E-mail: http://www.knabe.com/askdon/askdon.html

Local Field office in Downey Phone: 562 803-7087

I don't want to make this too long, but I contacted Fail-Safe for felines and got a reply from them. I also contacted LA county and recieved a reply from them. Both seem really bias. I replied to LA county asking them what they're going to do with the cats if they can't relocate all of them. I'm hoping they'll reply before Friday. I also told them I'm willing to take two but I'm in IL so I'm sure it'd be hard to have them transported here. How sad.
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Oh no!!!!

I *think* one of our members from CA feed a feral colony.... God I hope she is not in LA! Even if she isn't, this is horrible.

It's is going to be near impossible to re-home ferals... you can't just bring a feral home and put it in the house (unless you have had expericence w/them) or turn it loose in your yard. They have to adjust to their surroundings if you relocate them which means having them in a enclosure outside for a few weeks so they know that it's 'home' and not run run run as far as they can go (to try to get back to where they were).

Ferals are always getting the short end of the stick...
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Khayos, contact Alley Cat Allies (ACA): www.alleycat.org

They're a feral cat advocacy group. They should be made aware of what's going on in LA county. ACA has saved many ferals around the country from situations like the one you're describing.

I hope they can intercede on behalf of these cats.

Please let us know.
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I tried contacting them (alleycat.org), but couldn't figure out how.

Any of you know?

I contacted LA County, LA animal control and the volunteers helping these cats. AC is saying they're gong to try to relocate the cats to barns but those that can't be relocated will be euthanised. The volunteers are stating the a mother cat was trapped and AC is refusing to release her. Her kittens are starving and the volunteers haven't been able to locate the litter.

Pretty sick. I've been sending emails, faxes, and making phone calls.

^^ that has contact info on it


^^ has updated information on what's going on with the cats
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Originally Posted by Khayos View Post
I tried contacting them (alleycat.org), but couldn't figure out how.

Any of you know?

Did you click on "Contact" at the bottom of the home page?

Try that again. In the meantime, the phone #: 240-482-1980
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