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Cat show!

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I went to my first cat show today!.I was neat,I saw a few Ruaaian Blue's,A Sphynx a few Siamese,a few Tonkinese, Snowshoes,Persians,Ocicat,a lot of Maine Coon's,Himalayan's,1 Egyptian Mau, Balinese. a Abyssinian,but no Bengal's!
This was a small cat show in a medium size town,I think if I went to a big city cat show there would be a lot more breeds. Oh,Oh I saw 2 Havena Brown's!I would love to have a Havana Brown!Anyone ever seen one? Or have one? And I got a new laser pointer!
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Did you go to watch or show??
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Just watch,I do not breed cats for show,but if I could I would love to have a Havana Brown or apple head Siamese.
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Wow, Sherral, I'm jealous! I was supposed to go to a cat show in NJ in February, but that was the weekend when we had that blizzard. I haven't heard of any more in the Philadelphia area since then.

Did you take any pictures? Are you allowed to take pictures at cat shows?
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I did't take any and I don't know if you can.maybe a breeder can tell us.
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They do hold house hold pet cat contests. You could get a ribbon for your garden variety kitty too! Some people like photos of their kitties taken and some don't. I have recieved a lot of pictures of kitties at the shows so I think it is allowed!
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Pet cats can be shown in their own class.
Here is some shots from my male kitten from our first litter. His new mommy was kind enough to send us. He is a persian tabby.
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another shot of Petey at the show!
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another shot!
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His winnings!
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what a beautful cat!I wonder if I could show Grayski?
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Why not?
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I have no ides how to start! Or if Grayski would let me show him,he is not a stranger cat![He is shy]!
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Ok, shy may be a problem! If you really want to show him, start taking him out around people on a lead. Many pet shops allow pets in the store and it will get your kitty socialised! The more compliments he hears the more he may want.. Some stores hold pet contests and mini shows. Sometimes there are pet lovers clubs you could join too.If he really freaks out you shouldn't show him. Good luck!
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Your Brown Tabby ( well that you bred ) Teresa is gorgeous It looks identical to my brown tabby "Mac" , He is a show cat too
Also the Cat in the background Tortie Harliquen was GORGEOUS as well
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