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Coughing and shaking

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Marley just did something that really scared me. He was sleeping and started coughing. He got to coughing so bad his whole body was shaking. He was gaging but nothing ever came up. I thought it was a hairball at first but now I really don't know.
Any ideas??
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My cat does that but she has Asthma.
How old is he?
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He is 6months

He is acting completely normal....sleeping!!!

Does your cat to it often? He had something similar a few weeks ago but minus the shaking.
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She does it when her Asthma acts up but is fine otherwise.
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Okay I never would have put these two things together but when he has been playing for a while, running pretty fast through the house or chasing the lazer light, he starts making really heavy breathing noises. Could this be related?? He actually did it tonight. His mouth will be open and I can hear him breathing.
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She has done that but there are other things like heart problems then can cause it also.
Coco is 16.5 now and has a inhaler for asthma.
She has had asthma for years.
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I don't think the panting has anything to do with it... all cats will pant (kittens too) after a really hard play session. I am not sure what it is... could be asthma...

If it were me in your shoes I would see if he does it again, then I would get a appt, but thats me. If it is really worrying you then yes, get a appt asap.

How many episods has Marley had? 2?
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Your kitty may have a uri, a cold. When mine had a cold/flu he had it quite badly, he got it at the rescue centre. He was sneezing and he had a really wet nose. He was miserable poor little boy. Al was on antibiotics and eye drops, but as I say, he had it quite bad. Do you think yours could have a uri?
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Yes he has only has 2 coughing episodes.

I don't think he is sick or anything, he is eating, pooping and playing fine.

This morning I woke up to a pile of hair/puke/PLASTIC on the kitchen floor It was part of the seal on milk jugs!!! There was quite a bit but I have no way of telling if he got it all up or not.
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That could have been the problem.
Plastic can cause a blackage if he did not throw it all up.
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