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Taste of the Wild--questions about the grainfree world

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So my boys are both eating Nutro MAX cat wet and dry. But I have been researching some what the grain free route and would like to try it--however about the only food I could afford is Taste of the Wild--very similarly priced to MAX cat dry. I have two male cats who are NOT prone to UTIs and I'm just concerned about the fish in the Taste of the Wild. To be honest the boys get fish 3-4 times a week in their wet--although they only get about 30% to dry ratio.

Should I go ahead and try it? Do some cats not like grain free?

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I don't know about the fish, but my boy hates most dry food, but he likes Taste of the Wild(he eats mainly wet; but I keep some dry available for 'snacking'). What I'd suggest is that you contact the company directly via the internet (just Google Taste of the Wild). I was in contact with them about their product, and they even have their own vet who may respond to your questions. Terrific customer service!
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Some dont like it like all things it is a personal taste issue...

If you want a more uti friendly food look into Acana( I know you did not ask but )
Taste is NOT high in fish ...
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I went ahead and emailed the company for some samples. We'll see if the boys take to it or not. I can get it locally--which unlike most foods I can't. I have a Petsmart, but premium brands are lacking and grain free is not possible there.

I have about 6 weeks worth of Nutro MAX left, so we'll see how the boys dig the Taste of the Wild samples and go from there. My gut tells me they'll like it--they aren't very picky.

I'm trying to do whats best for them on a tight budget.

Going to be any major changes in the boys I'll notice in switching to a grain free dry?

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some shed more as most grain frees are lower fatty acids
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Is there anything I can give them to counteract that? Jack is a long haired boy and Harley a medium hair, we have enough hair to go around as it is.

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salmon oil helps
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Both of my kitties eat Taste of the Wild. It is very affordable and they both love it. They also eat several varieties of wet foods (mostly different flavors of Wellness). They actually have some poop issues, but it has been on again off again since I first got them, and the vet and I think that it is not the food. Their coats are gorgeous, they are very active and happy. In fact, my vet always says that my cats look healthier than all the other cats she sees, they can't possibly be sick. We have tested for all the parasites that are common, and we are venturing into unknown waters and testing for Tritrych tomorrow, based on info I got here in this forum and the website from North Carolina State.

We will see.

Anyway, they love Taste of the Wild and I love the price. I wanted to feed grain free, and it is the only really affordable one.
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Mine like Taste of the Wild also
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I read all the comments on the Taste of the Wild site but I'm glad to hear comments from TCS posters about the food. I hope the boys are accepting of the food, I'm looking forward to them trying the samples when they come.

I'm also excited that Taste of the Wild is in the process of formulating wet foods, I'd love to be able to offer grain-free wet to the boys--assuming their's would be as affordable as the dry, I just can't afford both grain free dry and wet of other brands.

Thanks again!

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Mine tried TotW and LOVED it. Alas, can't feed it due to UTI cat issues...sigh. If that wasn't the case, we'd still be eating it here. When I contacted them for samples, they said due to being in canada, they couldn't send any...or soemthing like that. You might ask for a coupon, if you can get it local, you could use the coupon.

As to grain free wet foods...check the "by nature" brand at petsmart. My petsmart doesn't have it, but by nature now makes a 95% meat line of cans (similar in consistency and ingredients to the EVO 95% meat cans). You might be able to request that your petsmart starts carrying it since they already carry other by nature foods.

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I actually picked up a bag of TOTW today. $10.95 for 5 pounds. That is cheaper then a lot of foods around here. Can't wait to try it!
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My Pet Supplies Plus orders it for me. It is only $24.00 for the 15lb bag! Plus the kitties LOVE it. They also did send me some samples when I asked for them.

Good luck, I hope everyone's kitties love Taste of the Wild!
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The samples came--very nice size samples I might add!

They are a hit, the boys loved it! Guess we will be switching. Now I just need to figure how much food we have left and when to start the process. Probably won't begin for a week or two.

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Looks like you've already decided, but I'll also say that my 5 cats love TOTW. The vet doesn't believe the almost 19 year old cat is in such good shape; Short haired former feral black cat feels like VELVET; large 2 year old Ragdoll has no shedding issues; and our deaf white cat who had terrible fur problems when we got him looks amazing. (Also feed Wellness wet about 3 cans a day total between the 5.)

I also find very little poop in the litter boxes every day. It makes them very efficient!
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Thats great to hear!

I'm looking forward to the switch!

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I feed Wellness wet with Taste of the Wild dry, too. My kitties look great, despite other issues. When we go to the vet, she always says "But Monica, they don't LOOK sick, they look great!" I tell her it's the food and the Lysine.

I'm so glad your boys love Taste of the Wild! It's a great quality food and has a great price too!
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I actually sent in a request for samples on their website a few days ago. Eagerly awaiting their reply. I'm currently in the process of switching my cats over to a grain-free diet with a mixture of wet and dry food.

They eat the Wellness wet food but aren't too happy with Wellness Core dry, so I've to shop around for more dry food varieties. I'm glad to hear that other cats are eating Taste of the Wild. Maybe mine will like it too.
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Jack is crazy about it--its hilarious! He's gonna have to be patient until we make the actual switch--I give him a few pieces every day and after he chows down he actually licks the bowl--this is a very new behavior!

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Even though they have eaten it now for a long time, if I pretend that I am giving the kibbles to Pixel as treats, she will follow me around begging for them. I love Taste of the Wild.
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