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Any tips on trimming very young kittens nails?

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The babies will be three weeks old this tuesday. My hands are sooo cut up. I forgot how sharp kitten nails where! There nails are so tiny, i was wondering if anyone has an tips on trimming them. I'm so nervous about doing it because they are so little!!
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Sometimes it's easiest if you use the regular people or kids nail clippers. You just hold them sideways. When they are that little, they grow daily, so you just cut the very tips off. When they are little, we usually have to clip them every week or so
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I sit Fluffy up in my lap facing away from me and I clip away, but that is just because she is cooperative about it..Rocky on the other hand isn't, and I just have the vet do his..they actually have to put a muzzle on him just to get the job done right....poor guy..he hates it!
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My big guys are easy, these little wiggle worms are hard!! I'm going to have to have dh hold them well I clip. It will be easier when they can start eating treats my hand HURTS from all the little kitty claw marks!
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i have different kitty nail clippers, but find that my small human nail clipper works best to trim my furbabies' nails.

Kitties can smell fear, so first of all, you must not be afraid to handle the task. When you are afraid, they are afraid.

With Venus, i sit in a buddha position, and put her on my lap. i lined paper towels at the nail-trimming area. It is quite easy and very fast, i trim it very gently, carefully and briskly.

Be careful NOT to cut it at or too near the quick area (pink inside)... it will create bleeding and lots of pain!!

After trimming her tiny nails, i would normally give a lovely treat, in the form of her favorite baby food, using her special feeding spoon.

It is a pretty fast process for me. Also, i treat the session as a normality, not to make a big deal out of it.. so that she will not nervous or anxious. i prepare the tools i need before hand, when she is NOT watching...

Smiles and Cheers!
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I am going through the same thing with my little Futch.

My wife and I do a tag team approach. She kinda holds him down, but rubs his belly and he naturally holds out his paws. I clip the nails one paw at a time. We usually do one paw then come back 10 mins later and do another.

It is hard, because his nails are so small. However, it can be done. Another approach might be to clip your kitten while he's sleeping. Kittens usually get exhausted quickly after playing. Just relax and start with just clipping the tips. After a while, your kitten should become used to this and you can clip more of the nail. As always, be careful not to cut into the quick area.
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