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Early Morning Wake Up Calls

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I need help. My fiancé is going insane because of my 7 month old Siamese mix. He is very lovable but he has been waking us up meowing at 4:30 every morning. My fiancé is a lawyer and works long hours so his sleep is very precious to him.

My kitty hasn’t always done this; this is sort of a new behavior. He has been neutered and we have another cat in the house for him to play with. We have tried shutting the bedroom door. We have tried shutting him in another room. This morning when he woke us up, I gave him a quick bath in the sink which worked for a little while because he spent the next couple of hours licking/grooming himself but I don’t want to have to give him a bath every time he wakes us up.

My fiancé is saying if I don’t fix his behavior, we might have to find another home for him. This depresses me because he is one of the best cats I’ve ever had (except for the early morning wake-up calls). Can anyone give me advice?
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When is he fed and played with? A meal right before bedtime can keep him from getting hungry/thinking he might be getting hungry and let him sleep. A good hard play session right before bed can also help.
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My suggestion is to try to get him to sleep in another room. I suggest this because I have a similar problem with my 5-year-old boy (adopted just 4 months ago from a shelter)--except that he wakes me about 2 am! I've tried everything that's been suggested--feeding him just before bedtime, playing with him, etc. I can't close him out of my bedroom because he has dreadful separation anxiety, and it's too cruel. I don't know why he does this, but I know that nothing I've tried has helped.

But if you can get your Siamese to adjust to sleeping in another room, that might work for you. He's so young that it should work.
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I saw this on a show about cats, by a cat behaviorist. Playing hard and feeding just before you go to sleep. Also, they put double sided tape on something and left it outside their bedroom door. And the ever present treats hidden throughout your home to keep him busy also.
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I don't know if this is going to be of any immediate help but we have siamese/mixes and this problem is a recurring issue in our household. Boys are now 3-4 years old. One of them especially will get these spells that for couple of weeks his morning behaviour gets out of hand. I don't know what triggers it but above mentioned things help to a degree - or not. (We let boys wander about the house and sleep in bedroom).

Not that it is an active consolation but he seems to calm down after he has a spell of this behaviour though. Sometimes it is triggered with the change in daylight (not that we changed the clocks yet!!) Sometimes it gets triggered when he senses something (like a trip coming up etc tension in the house) or when he has had changes (like dietary etc).

Anyway, hope you find a solution! These kitties are great even though they can be loud and sensitive, and I admit the morning thing is one that gets me edgy.
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Zane will sometimes wake me up in the wee small hours, but it is just to get a little petting; he'll go right back to sleep, and the purring helps me get back to sleep.
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