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So i called my vet this a.m and asked if i could get in if i left work a little early to get her nails clipped. they said yes. So i left work and asked if i could come about 15 min early and they said oh no we have you for tomorrow,i blew up,this was the 2nd time this happened,i said i left work early and said my appt was for today,they said sorry for the misunderstanding but we cant,so then she put me on hold and hung up,lol. I called back and they said new phone system oh we can get you in on monday,now its monday,so i said im stopping by to get my cats records and seeking another vet,i called another vet and got an appt for next week,guess i dont have to worry about gouing back to them anymore lol. I cant imagine how they would have been if i had an emergency. Wish me luck at the new vet! I hope she wont need any care for the next 6 days.
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That was rude of them.
I am glad my vet is nothing like that.
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My cat is everything to me and desrves the best. There seems to be new people working at that place alot to,hmmmmm
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I wonder why
That just shows they must not treat people well.
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Yea when i walked one of the employees was on the phone complaining about another,lol. Glad im gone,to much drama. I just hope nothings happens to my cat in the next 6 days,i dont know what id do?
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Sounds to me like it's time to find another vet.

Seeing that they can't even get scheduling straights gives me doubts about how they'd handle something else more important, like my cats' health.
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If she gets sick call the new vet.
They should let you in sooner.
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Yes, that's very unprofessional. And nail trims take all of what, a minute or two to do? I suggest finding a groomer and getting your cat's nails done there. They are generally way better priced than a vet (vets around here charge $15-20 and I charge $7.50) plus the groomer should also do a better job.
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Went to the new Vet tonight and they were great,nice new facility,smiling faces and good attitudes,me and my kitty really like it there!!
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Glad the new vet worked out so well. I've only had one place I didn't like, but the records were there already and they were open on Sunday, couldn't wait until Monday to go to regular vet.
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