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Pray for Buster that the angels have made him whole again

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Please pray and send all your love and wishes that the angels have carried little Buster to the bridge and are petting and loving him, and that they have wrapped him in sunshine and given him his beautiful shiny coat again and taken away all his pain. He deserves more warm places to sleep and butterflies to chase than he ever had while alive.

I was called last Friday to trap Buster. When I got there, I saw this poor little boy. He was a complete skeleton, dirty and matted, breathing with difficulty and his tongue hanging from his mouth. He was trying to get the last of the afternoon sun's warmth from a sandbag he was laying on.

The people who had been feeding him noticed about 4 months ago that he had difficulty eating. But they did nothing except continue to feed him and to mash his food more.

Finally with the weather getting bad, they decided to call someone to help. I tried on the first day to give them an outdoor heating pad for that night since it was going to snow, and they were only going to set the trap the next morning due to the raccoons. But they said no and not to worry.

I found out soon enough that they only wanted to trap him so he could be euthanized which is why they waited so long. And when they learned on my first visit that I would have him treated if his illness was curable, they took the trap and hid it and did nothing with it.

This morning, my 4th visit in 5 days and after many unreturned phone calls, I set the trap over the protests of his "caretakers" who had decided they would just grab him and kill him. He went in the trap immediately while I stood there, and despite the fact that they had just fed him. When I put him in the car, he seemed so relieved to be in a warm place and with a soft voice telling him everything would be better now. He fell asleep while I was driving and talking to him.

I prayed the entire trip to the vet that it was only a tooth abcess or injury in his mouth, and that he would recover and be able to have a true loving home with real parents and other kitties to love him and share many afternoon sunshines.

But the vet just called and told me he was too far gone to sustain his life without him suffering, and that he had FIV, multiple abscesses and infections, and difficulty breathing even through the anesthesia.

I had planned on taking him home even in the worst cast scenerio, just to give him a week of warmth and love if he was able to be handled. But they told me they had to anesthetize him just to examine him and I would not be able to get close enough to him to make him comfortable.

So now I beg everyone to remember this little boy, who suffered so much unnecessarily, and to pray that he has extra special love and petting, lots of sun to lie in, a shiny beautiful coat that he can proudly clean again, a warm bed that is all his, no more smell or mattings and no more hunger, and lots of other kitties to groom him and people to love him on the other side of the bridge.
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Poor little Buster. I am sure the angels that took him to the Bridge left him there whole and healthy in the warm sunshine and butterflies to chase. There are so many TCS cats that have gone before him, he will never be alone. RIP little one.
Please don't beat yourself up over this poor little baby. You did what you could.
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I'm so sorry about Buster. At least he had your compassion and care, even if it was only for a short time. He's in a much better place now, where he can be whole and healthy. And I'm sure one day, when you meet again, he'll remember you for being his own special angel.
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Poor little Buster boy.. He sounded like such a loving, trusting cat. I hope he never knew that the people whom he trusted were plotting to kill him so unnecessarily. I don't understand how some people can claim to love cats and yet deny them medical attention.

He's gone to a better place now, where the sun will always warm his bed for him and illness is not even a memory.

RIP, sweet Buster
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RIP, sweet Buster, play well at the bridge.
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how absolutely heartbreaking. but thank you for your persistence in ensuring this precious little boy found love and dignity at the end of his life.

your actions gave buster all he needed. he is now a beautiful, sleek, happy cat with more love and comfort than he knows what to do with.

RIP sweet buster, know you live on in the hearts of every cat lover here.
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Buster.
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RIP Little Buster. You will be healthier and happier now.
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I'm sorry but those people should be shot!, poor Buster could have had a happy life and I am sure he was happy that someone like you came along and show him what love is all about even though by then he was on the way to Heaven.

I too hope the Angels wrapped him up and took him to the bridge and made him whole again, I believe he's up there enjoying every bit of sun he can find and rolling around with a fond memory or a person who came and showed him kindness in his last moments.
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I cried when I read about poor Buster

RIP sweet little boy.
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That poor lost baby.
Thank you for trying to help.

You are not forgotten Buster.
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I was so sad about him too because I had a group who would help me place him even if he had FeLV or was FIV positive, so long as he was not too far along and if he could be handled or socialized.

Thank you for all the good wishes. I wanted so badly to see him well again and with his own bed and toys and not a care in the world.

I know though, that he has all that where he is now, and I just cannot see him.
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