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Pictures of us from wedding and Vegas! You asked for get them!

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This will be a slow process getting these things scanned and added so please check back often!

Starting out with two for now!

This one is of Roger in the Monte Carlo Pub and Brewery. He ordered this 2.5 liter keg of beer they brewed! YIKES! It was cool, though, because they really bring it in a keg type of thing!!
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AND....I HAD to have a picture of me in front of Elliot Sadler's car. OK..not because I like HIM over Dale Jarrett, but it is NASCAR! That is all that matters! This is in the M&M World in Las Vegas.
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Wedding pics next, wedding pics next!!!!!
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aaawww great pics!!
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Looks like a great time Carrie! That's a really cool pic of you with Sadler's car.
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Did you go to the NASCAR Cafe, at the Sahara? I took Bill there.
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Awesome pic's Carrie! I want to go to the NASCAR cafe someday!

Dying to see those wedding pix! Could ya throw us a bone?
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Great pictures!!!!!!
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We did go to the NASCAR Cafe', but didn'te. I just had to SEE it, though! Got a couple pictures of that, too!

I will work on more scans to finish the Retro Show tonight!
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That looks like so much fun! More please.....
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Carrie.. i just want to extend my huge congratulatory note to you and your lovely hubby on your recent marriage!


Smiles and warmest regards!

Cheers to a happy marriage!
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Oh LOOKIE!! I got to sing with STEVIE WONDER!!!!
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Is that really Steve Wonder???? How cool is that????!!!
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The completed final hair and makeup!!
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UGH! When I go to resize these files to post here, they distort the pictures!! YUCK!!!!
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Did you finish that keg? both of you or Roger alone. And if so did they have to carry you out??

Looks like fun!!!!!!!
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Oh HELL no! I HATE beer, but he had to have it! He drank maybe a little more than half of it!
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Did u carry him out?
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Your hair is beautiful!
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Carry him out? lol No! I think in his old age he thought he would be able to finish the thing, but he didn't!

I did love my hair, but the wind quickly took the curls out!
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Gorgeous Pictures , Just Darling! Do you have any more Carrie?
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Wow you look SOOO GOREGEOUS!
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Gorgeous pic's Carrie! Your hair is soooo pretty!
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Thank you! I was pretty nervous. I am anal retentive about the whole hair thing and it had to be just so! Although I have naturally curly hair, the curls she put in didn't last long outside because of the wind!
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Do we get to see the dress and everything?!?! (to go with your beautiful hair!)

Great pics so far, I want to see more! Congrats on the wedding too!
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Where are the wedding pics??? Your'e holding back on us!!! The other pics are great, but I am dying to se the wedding pics!!!! I won't be online again till Wed. though.
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I don't have all of the wedding ones back We still have two more rolls of film to take in plus the professional pictures will take a few weeks...
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Your pics are great!! You both look very happy. Can't wait to see the rest!!! Congrats!!

And by the way, Angel is beautiful. My condolensces.
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