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FIV+ Tuxedo Girl

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I hope I am posting this in the right section.

I am in the process of adopting a new feline friend as my tabby boy crossed over to the Bridge a few weeks ago. I have met 3 cats in the past 2 weeks and they are all wonderful, so it is a very tough choice.

But I was enchanted by a girl whom the group knows to be FIV-positive. I don't know much about this disease, although I do know it is contagious to other cats and I'm am pretty sure we will remain a one-cat family and the cat will be an indoor one. She is estimated to be about 4 years old. Does anyone have any experience with this disease? What can I expect? I would greatly appreciate any opinions or thoughts you can share with me as I hate to give this kitty short shrift just because of her health issues. I adopted a senior dog a few years back and she was a family member for four years and I do not regret a one of them. But some thoughts from this wonderful group would be a huge help....thanks!
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I'm not 100% sure....but I think FIV is most commonly spread through fighting. I know there are people who have FIV+ & FIV- cats in the same home living together.

Try reading this link:
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I would hate for you not to get her because of that.
You can ask the vet about it.
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I have a wonderful Tuxedo girl that is FIV+. I have two other FIV- cats. The way that FIV is spread is through blood. My Tuxedo girl , Oreo, baths my other girl cat all the time. Sharing food, water or bathing does not transfer it. I got Oreo when she was 9 months (did not know she was FIV+ then) and it was not until we had her for a year that we found out she was FIV+. She is a sweetie. She is now 7 years old. She gets a little tired but basically you cannot tell anything is wrong with her. The thing you have to watch is when they get sick that you need to take care of things since their immune system is compromised (just like a person with aids). So far she has not had any major complications from the FIV in the 6 years we have been blessed with her. I say go for it. Cause that pretty Tuxedo you have fallen for needs a loving home.
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FIV is not as bad or scary as it used to be made out to be. FIV positive kitties should not be outside, because of the risk of opportunistic infections. Other than that they can and usually do live long normal lives.

My brother's girlfriend found a stray who was FIV positive. He was an adult when she found him and she had him for 17 years. Two years after finding him she adoted another kitty who was FIV negative. This kitty remained FIV negative her whole life, despite being best buddies with the FIV positive kitty.

Even with my crew of 7 I wouldn't hesistate to take in an FIV positive kitty.

So if this girl has chosen you, then it is time to bring her home
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