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The birds are tufted titmice and chickadees.

Resting on the shelves behind my chair. You can see part of my head.

Humping the wand toy with the fleece strip. Why does he hump it?

Enough of that. Time for a ciggy....

In his cubby...

Off to see what trouble he can get into...

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What a silly boy!

Riley has a wand toy like that but he's scared of it Maybe that's for the best though...... lol
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What a pretty white kitty! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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As always....gorgeous.
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what enourmous is your big boy!...Looks like king milky!.
you know now why I really so love the white cats isnĀ“t my friend?.....
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He is so cute We just bought our Willow a wand and she loves it, especially the feather on the end
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Oh Jan...he's just so gorgeous! Reminds me of Rigel's Milky!
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He looks huge! What a cuttie.
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Ari is such a beautiful boy!
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Originally Posted by Angelwing View Post
He looks huge! What a cuttie.
He is a big - though not fat - cat. That tail is 14 inches long.
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