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Willow pics

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Willow had a new toy bought for her on the weekend, it's one of those wands with a feather on the end of it. She really likes the feather.
Here are some pics including her with her new toy.

This is not her new toy but she was caught red pawed with it

Sitting pretty waiting for her new toy

Daddy calls this my statue pose

I'm gonna get you

Got you

Where did it go?

Oh I like it when it's pulled up the stairs

Pull it mummy

Ok starting to feel tired now

Time to relax with a purring session

Thats me done for the day

Thanks for looking.
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GREAT action shots!! Is Willow a Maine Coon? She's beautiful and VERY big!!
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She is gorgeous!
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Thanks for your comments Firedancer we are not sure what breed Willow is as we were not told anything when we took her home. She is our first cat so it was all new to us when we had her, however a few people have asked if she has any maine coon in her so I don't know.

The funny thing is she looks big in her photos but on her last check up at the vets she weighed in at 3kg (which I think is around 6lb 9oz?) She was this weight at 18months old and is the same now at 3 years old. When we take her for her check ups the vet usually says ' I bet she's still 3kg' and she's usually right. It must be her fur that makes her look bigger, she is very fluffy

I have nothing to compare her to so don't know if she is big or small It is interesting though that a few people have asked about her having any maine coon in her. We love her all the same

Here she is last christmas sat next to a card which I think she looks a little smaller

This is a little video of Willow if anyone would like a look ( we found out that our camera also does small video recordings )
Hope this works ok.

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