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Two major wads of hair, just now

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Pansy has been having a problem with keeping food down, comes up partially digested around 4 hours after eating. was diagnosed with "nervous" stomach, and is scheduled for blood work and xray to rule out anything else BUT>>>>>>>>>>>>
HE just threw up a major wad of matted hair, and another hunk of hair that looked liked someone cut a lock of hair and threw it in there. do you think this stuff has been laying in his stomach for the last 4 days? Do you think I should delay the tests to observe, and give some catlax?
I never saw this much hair in an upchuck, and the matted one, I could barely pull apart with my fingers. that one had to be old.
what do you think?
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Ah, I hope he feels better now he got rid of that. When was he scheduled for his tests ?

It is possible that was the problem. I don't know exactly what you consider a lot of hair, Mimosa used to bring up hairballs that looked like felted sausages 12 cm's (almost 5 inches) long and as thick as my finger. And yeah, those could be bothering her for days, she would lose her appetite and she would cough when she purred.
Fortunately her problem went away when we switched her food, she sheds less and her digestive system works better.
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Please don't put off getting Pansy checked. Cats regurgitate frequently, but projectile vomiting is rare. I think you said in the other thread that Pansy projectile vomited.

Also since Pansy is vomiting hours after eating that is concerning.

Pansy could have pancreatitis, which is common and under diagnosed in cats. Also could have a blockage. Or IBD affecting the stomach and small intestine as opposed to the lower bowel.

I have been going through similar problems with my Stomper, and it just culminated with him having his gallbladder removed. This thread give most of the background, but it started with random vomiting of digested food and then liquid/bile. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...ight=triaditis

If you can afford it, I would have an endoscopy done on Pansy if the x-rays don't show anything and the vomiting persists.

Lots of for you and your beautiful black and white boy
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Thank you for that thread, and I wish Stomper the best. He is a beautiful boy.

I can tell Pansy is feeling better, not 100%.
He threw up some more matted hair, and thus far he has kept his dinner down. He usually throws it up by now, 4 hours after eating. Todays barf was just the hair and liquid, so apparently all his food got digested. This morning I gave him a digestive enzyme formula, and this afternoon, after the huge hair purge, I out some catlax on his paw.
I will repeat again tomorrow. I did cancel the tests so I can see how things progress over the weekend. If he doesn't stop vomiting, I will have the tests done next week. HE is very hi strung, and going into the carrier, and car freaks him out,
not to mention spending a tremendous amount of money because of hairballs would freak me out.
If tests are necessary, they will be done next week, but since he feels better after expelling all that hair, I am feeling confident that, that is the problem. I am interested in the use of pepcid ac.
I thought these compounds, or I know one of those, (the pink triangular tablet) was supposedly deadly for cats. If this is safe for cats, it may be helpful for Pansy. right now the cats, Pansy in particular, are nervous because the phils just won the world series, so everyone and their brother is shooting off fireworks.
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Warning for newbies that may be reading this (not you Gail) never give human medications without speaking to your vet and getting the proper dosage and safety information. We are talking about the Pepcid because my cat has been prescribed it by an internal medicine specialist for stomach and duodenal inflammation.

Ok warning over

About the Pepcid, it is NOT the AC version. It has to be plain famotadine i.e. the original non AC non extra strength. The dosage is going to depend on the cat's size. So even the 10 mg pills are going to have to be split accurately with a pill splitter.

Stomper is supposed to be on the pepcid for a few weeks forsure. I am not sure if this will change once his biopsies come back. The vet didn't say anything about long term use. Hopefully now that his gallbaldder problems are corrected he will stop having the vomiting epidsodes. Thankfully he has not vomited for a week now!

I am really hoping that Pansy just had some bad hairballs and is now going to be fine. I understand the not wanting to spend lots of money on hairballs!

If Pansy starts vomiting again and you want to talk just shoot me a p.m.

No more hairball and no more vomiting
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I am happy to report that Pansy is back 100%. I have added max cat hairball kibbles to his diet, I am giving him the digestive supplement every day cause it has vitamin c, is liquid and I can stir it into his food, and thus eliminate his daily carpon, and eliminate that daily stress for him.He likes the flavor. I will smush some catlax on his paw once or twice a week. Hopefully, this will maintain the hairballs. I don't quite understand them, my guess is if they don't poop them out, they just keep getting bigger in the stomach until they upchuck them.
Pansy is so hi strung, anything probably throws his stomach into a tizzy.
I am so relieved that we don't have to get all those tests done. I never had a cat that had such an ordeal with a hairball. this one was major, and I learned something new.
It is amazing, I have had cats for over 46 years, you would think I would have seen it all by now.
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