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I measured all the cats!!!

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I found my tape measurer so I could get some good measurements of the cats!! From nose to tail this is how big everyone is.

Neo is 38.5 inches (the guiness book of world records says the biggest cat is 42 inches so i guess neo is pretty big! )
MoeMoe is 33 inches

mommy cat is 30 inches she is so little!!

nimbus is 14 inches
stormy is 12.5 inches
blizzy is 10.5 inches

I can't beleave how tiny blizzy is and how big nimby is !! Should I be worried about blizzy, is she too little

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Did they enjoy the measuring or were they chasing the tape around??
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moe and neo chased. snowwhite just sniffed and the kittens cried
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Babies always whine when they 'have to do something'.
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I wonder if blizzy is too little I worry about her!
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The results so far:

Jules, Blondie and Polly all are 31" long
Max is 27"
Silver is 29 1/2"
Coal is 29"
Lilith is 30"
Midnight is 32"

Still looking for Pan, Sunshine and Romeo!

No one's been thrilled at the experience. Silver, as usual, registered a loud protest.
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meo and neo are still playing with the tape measure that now has teeth marks in it!
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With only 3 kittens I dont think you have to worrie about Blizzy being too small. She aint too small, the others are too big! I hope you are enjoying your kittens! I know you are. I would just love a litter of kittens but I am not a breeder of show cats and I live in a appt complex so I cant house any ferrels like you do. Good for you Val!
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Well, Sunshine and Pan both measured 30" long. Now the only remaining holdout is Romeo, who is a very long cat. Will be interesting to compare his measurement with the others!
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Romeo is 34" long, almost a yeard long!
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he is a pretty big kitty!! I love big cats!! Dh says nimby is going to be bigger then neo we will see!! the white daddy cat I see outside is HUGE, so i hope nimby takes after poppa.
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Here's what I have!

Twinkles - 29"

Peppurr - 35"

Vader - 33"

Mimi - 29"

Majesty - 32"

Rascal - 38"

Hercules - 32"

Felix - 29"

Xena - 28.5"

Mischief - 29"

The kittens! They are 15 ounces!

Zues - 14"

Chaos - 15"

Isis - 14"

Rascal just turned a year old! He is my longest kitty, but not the heaviest. Peppurr, who is the second longest, is my heaviest boy! The kittens daddy, Vader, is the stockiest cat I have ever seen! His arms are as big as his thighs! He is a big, muscle machine!

How about your kitties heights! I mean shoulder height. Just measure their front arm, from paw to the end of the shoulder blade! I will measure my babies right now, and I will post after!
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Here's how tall my kitties are!

Mimi - 13"

Peppurr - 18"

Felix - 14"

Xena - 13"

Mischief - 10"

Twinkles - 14"

Rascal - 17"

Vader - 17"

Hercules - 14"

Majesty - 13"
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Here are my cat's lengths

Berkley is 16" long ans she is 2.5 years old, she is such a little petite kitty.

Sasha is 14" long, he is 6 months, he's gonna be a "tiger" when he is done growing!

Coco is 19" long, she is 2 years old, she is the lightest cat, I swear her bones are hollow

...can't find Sterling to measure him
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Wow Coco! Your babies are petite! Was that their lengths from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail?
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OH! I didn't measure the tails too

I will re-measure including the tails this time-LOL!

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Coco has a long body not including the tail! She is pretty long!
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Aww, I wonder how long my baby is?

Guess I'll measure her when I get her!
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Anyone else going to attempt on measuring their kitties?
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I wouldn't try measuring my fluffy bums , Cute Idea though
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OK, but how about measuring their TAILS? (maybe my husband and I need to get a life-LOL) We have a cat (OSH) who wins out in this regard. His tail is 14" long! How's that for a long tail????!!!! My other cats tails are 12" long.
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Two of my cats have long tails too! Peppurr's is 13" and Rascals is 14"! The average length of a cats tail is 12"!
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Oh Val, I reallly realllly adore your babies.
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