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Crystals in urine?

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I have read on here that a cat with a uti might have crystals in their urine. I always keep an eye on my kitty, not obsessively but just to make sure he is okay and everything is working properly. I was just wondering, I had a look in the box after my little boy kitty went for a wee and I looked at his wee in box and I don'tthink I would be able to tell if he had crystals in it? What do they look like? I know this sounds silly but I am imagining little glints of light like little diamonds in it? If not, then how would you know? I am only asking so that I can be aware but I have been unable to find answer. As my cat is being really fussy with his expensive high grade wet food, my bf has got him some dry food which I am not keen on. I know that dry food has been linked to uti's and would just like to know what to look for. (he won't be on dry for long tho). Thanks for any info.
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My Patch gets Struvite crystals, and really, you can't see them in a litterbox like that. I can tell by the way he's acting, he goes in and tries to urinate but can't or a little comes out and he tries again and again in short periods of time, or urinates outside the box. If they urinate outside the box you can smear a little on your two fingers and feel the grit. I only saw crystals in Patches' when the Vet had taken some in speciman tube, you could see it floating around. Just make sure he has plenty of water for him. Mine isn't a big water drinker, so I put tablespoons of water in his wet food. Good luck.
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Coco gets them and she even had stones.
You can not see them.
My Vets does ultrasounds and urine tests.
My Sisters cat Midnight has them right now.
Has he ever been checked by the vet for them?
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it is unlikely you would see crystals at home... most vets use a microscope to see them ...

Please if you suspect UTI get to the vet asap
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I don't suspect a uti and if I did he would be at the vet asap. I just wanted to know as at the mo Al is having some dry which bf got. It is James Wellbeloved which is good but I just worry about dry food so I am keeping an eye. He has a water fountain and he does drink and he is having no problems with the box or weeing/peeing. I am just being a bit wary of the dry food.
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James wellbeloved is a good food ... if you do a search I know there is a bunch of opnion on it
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