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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums.

Below is a picture of my best friend, Bekah, who is a short-hair purebred Somali. We got her when she was three, and she'll be four this summer.

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Welcome to The Cat Site, Blaine and Bekah!

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Welcome to the site Blaine! Bekah is beautiful! Her face is so expressive.

I hope to get to know you better on the boards!
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your cat is beautful!!!! Welcome to TCS !!
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Welcome to you both ladies!! I can't wait to hear more stories of you all!!! Look forward to posting with you!
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Your kitty is called an Abysinnian
Welcome to TCS , Look forward to seeing you post more often
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Welcome to the site! And my, what a beautiful cat you have!!! She's gorgeous!
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Hi Blaine! Welcome to the board.

Bekah is a beautiful little girl, thanks for sharing her picture with us! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! She may look a lot like an Aby, but she's a somali--she was a mommy in a breeding program (they outcross to Abys to increase the gene pool, but the longhair gene is recessive and she just didn't get it double-fold). Argh, that sounded long-winded... Anyway, thank you again! I've learned a lot from this website, enjoyed the stories you've shared--maybe someday I'll have something to offer, too.
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Blaine, you certainly have something to offer. You're a cat lover, right? Please, come hang out with us in the Cat Lounge, discuss pressing issues in IMO, or share what knowledge you have with us in the Felines Companions Forums. We would love to get to know you, and you get to know many of us!
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Your cats is so beautiful!!!

Welcome aboard, girls!
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Ok Blaine , , I should of said any Shorthaired Somali or Longhaired Abysinnian is called a Abysinnian in New Zealand regardless of whether both parents are Somalis ,
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Welcome here!
If you enjoy it here, as much a I do, you will be here a lot! I am pretty new here, but always enjoy my time here!

Your kitty is so beautiful and regal!
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