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The New Kid ;)

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Considering whats been going on in my home, and many of your's...I couldn't resist posting this!

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thanks Cleo, i really needed to laugh
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That was a funny one Cleo.. Thanks
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Glad you liked it!
The Cartoonist is a man named Mark Parisi, I found it through a link on the site Hissy told us about, He has many others I'd love to share, maybe start a Daily CatToon? :laughing2
If any of you would like this, let me know? I don't wanna be a pest

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lol, that's great. I think that's a great idea. don't worry about being a pest, just look at it this way...you can't be worse than me!
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This is cute & with 2 cats, one is new I sure hear a lot of hissing from my older cat!!
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Well I certianly know about the hissing! So true!
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Cleo i think it's a grand idea ! you can call it like "the funnies" or something
and add to it everyday, and so can the rest of us ! good idea !
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Well that is a great idea! I've been wanting to share this. It's not funny but it touched my heart. It's by Carol Lay and I found it at
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That is really cute!!

I think that is a cute idea to post them too!!! :laughing

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Illusion, loved that storyboard
(who on earth would let a cat outside in L.A???!:laughing2 )

It was a touching story, thanks for sharing it!

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That was a truley touching cartoon....It was so sad.
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When I first saw it my eyes welled up in tears.

I love how Noden is always lounging around on top of things. It reminds me of Sateycat.
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A funny page would be great.Everyone could add to it. But how do you get a hyperlink in a post? I've tried drop & drag but it doesn't work. Also copy & past. How do you do it??
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