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Does this sound right

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Hello everyone. This is my first time posting something here. I want to hear some opinions on what's going on with my cat. I have a 7 month old cat name Stitch. Last Monday he came inside the house looking pretty bad. I check him didn't see any blood or scratches on him. On Tuesday night I notice that he wasn't moving from his bed strang because being he is always playing with me. On Wednesday when I came from work I notice that he was trying to walk but was having a hard time so I took him to the clinic. The Doctor took some X-rays and said that he had a trauma (Someone kick him or a car hit him). Gave him a pain killer shot and told me to keep him in his area and not to move him. So Thursday came and I thought nothing about him staying in his area without moving. On friday when I got home from work I notice a strange smell coming from his area so I went to check on him. I notice that he was loosing hair from the side of his leg and a small hole where puss like liquid was draining. So I took to the clinic again and the same Doctor told me that it seem like some bite hime and now it was infected. He had dead tissue and need surgery. The earlies that they could do the surgery was today. So I took him today in the morning a different Doctor saw him and said that it would take the removing of a lot of dead tissue to fix him up. Up to this point I already spen $200 on the pain killers and things for the infection. I was given an estimate of $597 to take care of him. I sign the paper work and away they took him to get prep. About 20 minutes ago I get a call from the clinic claiming that they need to do a skin graft and it would cost me another $600 to get it done. I ask what were my second option and they said that I didn't have one. So loving my cat as much as I do I agree to pay.

Now does this sound like something that happends or was their something I did wrong?
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Well, first off I am very sorry about what has happened to your cat. And I'm very sorry that you vet didn't catch the bite the first time around!
Secondly, please from now on keep this cat indoors only, I strongly feel that all house hold cats should be kept indoors. It's for their saftey and longevity, it is not inhumane, most cats live happier lives indoors.
And lastly, if you are concerned about the money, have you talked to your vet about working out a payment plan, or does he expect you to pay upfront in full? (I know some vets are like this, I've had many of them.)
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Thank you for your concerned. It's not about the money. But I did received a call 1 hour ago that the sergury went well and they didn't need to do the skin graft. I just think that the VET should had caugh this the first day he saw him. I was just mad because my cat had to suffer more than what he should.
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First, I am sorry your little guy had to go through all of this.
It could be that they did miss the bite. However, it could also be that the bite wasn't obvious at the time. With an abcess like that, the wound gets infected and will blow up like a balloon REALLY fast. Even the smallest of bites or scratches can become abcessed like that. Even if he did see it, there may not have been much they could do to prevent it.
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That happened to my Fred once. He had an abcess on his leg and the vet missed it. It burst and drained all over my couch when I got him home. I hope Stitch recovers ok.
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Hi John - I just got to see this now. I'm so sorry Stitch had to go through so much! I was hoping for an update. How is the little guy doing?
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I'm so sorry this happened to Stich, John. Please keep us updated on his condition. I'm glad Stich had someone like you to take care of him. You might consider making Stich an indoor cat from now on. There are a lot of people out there that don't care for cats and may harm them, not to mention wild animals. Max never goes out and he doesn't seem to have a problem with that.
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Goodmorning everyone. Well Stitch is still in the Hospital since Saturday. His condition is very good. The Doctor put some tubs in his leg so it could drain after the surgery and they will be remove today. I was told that he should be able to home tomorrow Thrusday. He has started to eat and drink water on his own. As far as him being a indoor cat looks like it's the best thing to do. I've been thinking of getting another cat so that Stitch don't feel so lonely. I usally work long ahours and don't have to much time to spend with him. I will post an update on Friday.

Once again thank you all for your concern.
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Glad to hear he's doing better!
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Hugs to Stitch!

Did your vet examine the extracted tissue to determine the cause of the necrosis and give you an idea of what might have bitten your sweet baby? If he did, then you can disregard my following rambling, if not, well this is just a theory...

Stitch may have been bitten by a spider. Specifically a brown recluse. When you wrote about 'dead tissue' that sent off bells in my head. The bite of a brown recluse will start tissue necrosis almost instantaneously. It is very possible that the bite and the stiffness your vet first diagnosed as a trauma might not be related. The bite may have occured AFTER your initial vet visit. Maybe while Stitch was partially immobile recovering from the earlier trauma a spider took a chomp. Brown recluses are agressive and can range from exquisitely tiny to a leg span of a good 2 inches (my mom has the latter in her house - yikes!) and just being in their vicinity will provoke them to attack. You might ask your vet and see what he says.

Most HUMANS, after removal of the dead tissue surrounding the bite, stay on an antibiotic regimine for weeks after a brown recluse bite so I would suggest keeping a close eye on Stitch when he comes home (unless of course you already know the cause of the bite).
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I'm so glad to hear that Stitch is doing better! I hope he can come home as planned on Thursday... I'm sure he'll be happy to be home in a familiar place. I also think it's great you may keep him as an indoor kitty, and that you may get him a playmate. That way he's safe and won't be bored either.
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I just had a kitty recover from a brown recluse bite and he was in kitty jail (the sick room) for over a month! It wasn't pleasant, and there were a lot of vet visits for debreeding the tissue etc- but Kabota is back to his merry self now.
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I'm very happy that Stitch is feeling better, well done for keeping such a close eye on him. Similar happened with my mother's cat last year - but he wasn't so lucky.

The stupid vet didn't pick up the puncture wounds from the bite until it was too late (we think it was a fox bite so it's not as if it was a tiny puncture wound) - the poor boy ended up dying of blood poisoning after a valiant battle.

My Mum still blames herself, but I blame the vet.

I have to agree about indorr only cats - my 3 live indoors and only go out into the back garden when either my husband or myself are there to supervise. They have been trained not to run away, and even our ex-stray bruiser now obeys the rules!!!!
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Well today I'll pick-up Stitch. Here is a picture after a hard day at play.
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He's adorable, and must be very happy to be back home!
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he is soo cute! hope he is doing much better, poor litty guy...

I aslo vote for indoor only and a playmate, I keep my three indoors, and none of them mind at all, in fact when we open the balcony they come to the door but are scared to go outside but the window watch like crazy!....
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I'm so glad stitch is home with you. What a cutie!!
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Oh what a sweety. I am glad Stich has such a great dad. .............and yes I also vote for in doors only & a playmate! My Loki is very content that way.
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Aw John - Stitch is such a sweetie. I bet your glad to have him back all healthy again.

Thanks for the pic.
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Stitch is adorable!
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I been really busy and haven't had time to post an up-date but here I go. I haven't been able to bring Stitch home due to his skin on his leg being so stretch it keeps separating. I been visiting and yesterday I talk to the Doctor and she said that it's about 75% close. She said that because of the cost she decieded no to do the skin graft but it will heal. Stitch is a realy tough kitty. Yesterday when I open the cage he climb my chest and put his head on my neck. Since he is really friendly and never crys he is being pamper by everybody in the hospital. I can't wait to bring him home.
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Stitch needs a Lilo!!

Glad the little guy is feeling better, hope he gets to come home with you soon .
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John, stitch is a heart breaker, and very very lucky to have such a considerate and caring dad to look after him, you are a special person and another cat would be lucky to be part of your family. Give stitch a cuddle for me and my 4 skitties.

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