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Wow, tough assignment!!

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I'm doing an economics subject this semester, and we're just starting to get our results back for one of the assignments.

Apparently the class average is 49.6%! I'm still waiting for my results and feedback, but people are saying that the marking criteria being returned with our assignment was different to what we were given beforehand!

And for example, a question was "Briefly explain the different types of inflation" (in 200 words), and the answer you needed to give to get full marks defined inflation, explained the types of inflation, and explained the effects/consequences on macroeconomics and real income value. In just 200 words! Including an introduction and conclusion.

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Guess you have to cut out the essential words such as "a", "the",
because", etc..... The intro alone could take 200 words!
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Sorry, I lied - it was 250 words per question. That allows you to keep the "the, a, because" etc
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Still can't use many extra words though.....
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oh I know what you mean. My math teacher told us today the class got a avg of 60% on the first test, and 50% on the second (in other words, most of the class is going to fail if we dont do better) Of course the wording is off, and he is nitpicking about everything...
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